RAJTER THE REBEL / 2 aprilie / 20h00



Filmkraft Produktion Munich 2004, 90 min
Scenariu si regie: Peter Heller
VO ceha / Subtitrari in engleza

Rajter are suflet de fermier. Din pacate nu s-a nascut cand trebuia. In timpul regimului comunist a refuzat sa intre in cooperativa. De aici au pornit diverse probleme – slujbe proaste, interogatorii frecvente, puscarie…

Paraseste Moravia si isi continua viata intr-o zona unde cresteau plante otravitoare. Acolo regimul il lasa in pace sa fie fermier. Dupa revolutie, in 1989 isi cumpara o casa veche si pamantul fertil din jurul ei, si isi intemeiaza o familie. Pare un final fericit, nu?
Totusi sistemul post comunist gata sa sacrifice individul in favoarea intereselor corporatiste, justitia uneori absenta si politicienii corupti, nu il lasa sa-si vada linistit de viata pe care si-o dorea de atata timp. Luni seara puteti vedea povestea unui om simplu care se lupta cu niste forte superioare si le tine piept.


Rajter was born with the heart of a farmer, unfortunately in a bad era. In the communist times he refused to enter the cooperative. Problems with the regime, bad jobs, interrogations, jail… He left native Moravia and settled in an area of a smoky poisonous plant. There, in the middle of the industrial wasteland, they allowed him to farm. After the revolution in 1989 he buys a ruin with fertile land in Moravěves and starts a family farm. Does it look like a happy-end? Not at all. The post-communist system sacrificing the individual for corporate interests, the quickly designed industrial zones, the power of capital, the courts ignoring obvious law violations, the tricks of politicians prepares the farmer a new adventure. Do you want to know what? Do you want to find out how to face an unequal fight? Are you interested in what followed after the film was shot? Come over on Monday.

Peter Heller
Born 1946 in Prague, Peter Heller studied in Germany and then took off. After working for TV Stations in Latin America and Asia he became as independent Filmmaker. The most important part of his work is dedicated to political and social problems and their origins in Africa, and the economical connections between the underdeveloped and the developed part of the world. Very often Heller opens controversial and uncomfortable questions and shows the consequences of the daily consumerism. For his movies Peter Heller got many international awards, among them the “Prix Europa”, the most important European TV price.


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