Shooting Beauty / 12 iulie / 20h00 / Centrul Ceh

un eveniment Centrul Ceh sustinut de Pilsner Urquell

Shooting Beauty e povestea motivationala a unui fotograf de moda in ascensiune, pe nume Courtney Bent, a carei cariera ia o intorsatura neasteptata cand descopera o lume de o frumusete ascunsa intr-un centru de persoane cu dizabilitati majore.



Shooting Beauty-everyone deserves a shot, USA, 2009, 62 min.
Regie: George Kachadorian
Productie: George Kachadorian, Chris Wolfe, Courtney Bent
Muzica: Faith Soloway, Eric Schmider, Parker Bent, A.C. McWipey
VO engleza / subtitrari in engleza

Filmata de-a lungul unui deceniu, productia ofera privitorului perspectiva lui Courtney pe masura ce aceasta isi depaseste nemarturisitele prejudecati si incepe sa inventeze aparate de filmat accesibile noilor sai prieteni. Eforturile lui Courtney se concretizeaza intr-un program fotografic premiat numit ‘‘Imagineaza-ti asta!’’ si devine fundalul pentru aceasta poveste tulburatoare despre dragoste, pierdere si rasete care va schimba ceea ce credeati ca stiti despre cum este sa traiesti cu dizabilitati – si fara.


Shooting Beauty tells the inspirational story of an aspiring fashion photographer named Courtney Bent whose career takes an unexpected turn when she discovers a hidden world of beauty at a center for people living with significant disabilities. Shot over the span of a decade, this film puts you in Courtney’s shoes as she overcomes her own unspoken prejudices and begins inventing cameras accessible to her new friends. Courtney’s efforts snowball into an award-winning photography program called “Picture This” – and become the backdrop for this eye-opening story about romance, loss and laughter that will change what you thought you knew about living with a disability – and without one.

George Kachadorian is an Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker and television producer. His first film, an investigation into his mother’s purported paranormal abilities titled “Divining Mom,” enjoyed critical acclaim and an award winning festival run before its national broadcast premiere in 2005. George has worked on numerous projects for ABC News’ long form documentary unit as well as other non-fiction programmers including PBS, Discovery, Bravo, and the Travel Channel. In 2006 he received an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Documentary About a Business Topic” for a documentary he produced and edited about Wall Street (titled “Wall Street”) for the Discovery Times Channel.
In 2008 he PBS’ Frontline World released “A Family Erased”– George’s account of his family’s search for answers at the epicenter of the Armenian Genocide.
He currently lives in New Hampshire with his wife, two kids and one cat.

Courtney Bent is an award winning photographer whose work has taken her from tent revivals in Maine to Masaii Camps in East Africa. When not taking pictures, Courtney teaches photography and produces documentaries, her first being Divining Mom which was quoted in Variety as being “An impressive non-fiction debut”. Courtney currently lives in New Hampshire with her husband, two kids and one cat. To see more of her work visit her website.


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