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Ako sa varia dejiny, Rep Ceha, 2009, 88 min.
Regia: Peter Kerekes
Producator: Georg Misch, Ralph Wieser (Mischief Films)
Muzica: Marek Piacek
Editor: Marek Sulik
Fotografie: Martin Kollar
Sunet: Daniel Nemec
Subtitrari in engleza

Un film documentar despre meniuri de razboi si despre cum o portie de mancare poate influenta victoria sau infrangerea. Bucataria devine un camp de lupta si un model al unei lumi unde pregatirea hranei devine o strategie de lupta; o lupta pentru idealuri care porneste pe masa din bucatarie. Filmul are la baza 10 retete ale unor bucatari care au gatit pentru armata intre cel de al doi-lea Razboi Mondial si Razboiul din Tchechenia; din Franta pana in Balcani si Rusia.


While strategy, careful planning and understanding your opponent are clearly important parts of any successful military campaign, none of them mean much if the basic support for the men in the field has been ignored, and hungry soldiers are not going to help anyone win a decisive battle. Military chefs are traditionally unsung heroes whose contributions are rarely recognized by history, but filmmaker Peter Kerekes allows a handful of veteran army cooks from around the world a chance to share their stories as well as their recipes in the documentary Cooking History. Chef Peter Silbernagel was the only survivor when the German submarine the Hai sank in 1963, and he talks about his experiences and prepares a meal as the tide rolls in at the seaside. A German cook shows off the meat blintzes that he served to nearly eleven million men in uniform during World War II. A Jewish cook who was drafted into baking in a concentration camp after he was captured by Nazis found a way to keep up the fight by serving German officers bread laced with poison. A Hungarian cook talks about the bloody realities of making sausage with whatever was available in the midst of an attempted revolutionary uprising. And a Yugoslavian cook who became Josip Broz Tito’s official food taster reveals how the conflicting tastes of the leader’s staff mirrored the trajectory of the war in the Balkans.

Peter Kerekes


Peter Kerekes (born in 1973 in Kosice, Slovakia) studied film directing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava in 1991 – 1998. There he continued to lecture on the given subject. Together with director Dusan Hanak, he participated in founding the atelier of fiction and documentary film. Although he wanted to direct fiction films, which he also studied, since his first documentary about the Slovak poet Erik Groch, his interest in this form of film expression prevailed. Made in the production of Austrian director and producer Georg Misch, his latest feature-length documentary Ako sa varia dejiny / Cooking History was awarded at numerous international festivals (e.g. Hot Docs, Leipzig) and nominated for the prestigious European Award Arte 2009.