KK Band / Transilvania Jazz festival /18 octombrie / 19h00 / Casa de Cultura a Studentilor / Cluj


Trupa ceheasca KK Band va concerta luni 18 octombrie in Cluj la Casa de Cultura a Studentilor / Str. Piata Lucian Blaga, Nr. 1-3
pretul biletelor este 15 lei si 25 lei

KK Band este formata din Zdenek Kral (pian), Martin Krajicek (mandolina), Jaroslav Panus (contrabas) si Jan Dvorak (tobe). Energia pozitiva si ritmurile elaborate i-au adus in topul celor mai indragiti si interesanti artisti cehi. Muzica lor, foarte inovativa oscileaza intre jazz, folk, bluegrass si latino.


They are easily accepted by wide range of audience thanks their positive energy and strongly elaborated rhytmics. Their music oscillate amongst jazz, instrumental folk and toys with plenty of other genres as bluegrass, latin music or jazz. Main characteristic of their joyful music is innovative dialogue between piano played by Zdenek Kral and string instruments as mainly mandolin, mandol or unique not-fret electric mandolin. Mandolinist Martin Krajicek is player of outstanding qualities. He is one of few musicians able to play in special technique duo-style, which evokes consonance of two instruments. Thanks their all of their brilliant capabilities and original approach of musical expression, they were in 2000 designate by music journalists as the most interesting newcomers in Czech music scene and  since then they are performing in Czech republic as well as in Belgium, Germany, Austria, or in USA, Turkey or Poland. They are often invited into music festivals as Strings of Autumn, Zahrada, Beltine and you can see them often in broadcasting of Czech Television.

Zdenek KRAL / piano, keyboards
Martin KRAJICEK / mandolins
Jaroslav PANUS / double basss, bassguitars
Jan DVORAK / drums


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