DVA /// HU tour 2010 / 30 noiembrie / 20h00 / Green Hours /// 1 decembrie / 21h00 / Tago Mago

muzica radiourilor inexistente in doua concerte live la Bucuresti


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Centrul Ceh prezinta ”HU Tour 2010”, o serie de concerte dedicate promovarii albumului HU al trupei DVA din Cehia, ce vor avea loc la Green Hours pe 30 noiembrie 2010 si la Tago Mago pe 1 decembrie 2010. Materialul, care a facut senzatie in Republica Ceha ajunge pentru prima data in Romania si va fi prezentat in cadrul a doua concerte exceptionale. Fanii vor putea fredona impreuna cu DVA piese precum „Nunovo Tango”, „Huhu”, sau „France Trance”. Cele doua concerte vor fi diferite astfel ca, la primul concert publicul va avea parte de o seara jazzy-ethno-world iar la cel de-al doilea concert, de o atmosfera electro.
Dva este o trupa foarte creativa si traznita care canta in limbi inexistente, pentru radiouri inexistente. Trupa Dva (Doi in romana) este formata din Jan Kratochvil (el), chitara, banjo, looping, kitchen beatbox, instrumente improvizate si voce, si Bara Kratochvilova (ea), voce, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxofon, melodica, instrumente de suflat, “midi controler” si alte jucarii. Jurnalistii de muzica, au poreclit DVA, drept ”Inclasificabilii”, fiind considerati un adevarat fenomen pe scena alternativa din Republica Ceha, iar criticul de muzica Charlie Gillett de la BBC a declarat albumul ”Fonok” drept unul dintre cele mai bune albume ale anului 2009. Albumul Fonok a fost nominalizat la premiul muzical cehesc acordat anual ”Angel”, iar videoclipul piesei Nunovo Tango a castigat premiul intai la Festivalul Anifest.

Eveniment organizat de Centrul Ceh in colaborare cu Green Hours si Tago Mago.

30 noiembrie / 20h00 / Green Hours / concert jazzy-ethno-world set / intrarea 15 ron /// 1 decembrie / 21h00 / Tago Mago / concert electro set / intrarea libera



Music journalists class the band DVA (TWO in English) as „The Unclassables“. The duo, which consists of Jan Kratochvil (He) and Bara Kratochvilova (She), reifies its original music visions by uncountable means; to express its idea about how tango should sound, they employ beatbox, to titivate fragile folk compositions they use the sound of clarinet. They draw inspiration from the esthetics of music halls or circuses. Stories from their own worlds are then told by the band’s own language, which is the reason why their music is adressed as the „folk of the non-existing nations.“ Two years after setting up the band DVA released their debut album Fonok (Indies Scope Label, 2008), thanks to which they gained attention of people not only in the Czech Republic (album was nominated for the annual Czech music prize the Angel and their Nunovo Tango video won the first prize at Anifilm festival), but also abroad. One of BBC’s front music critics Charlie Gillett ranked their debut among best albums of 2009, Fonok which contains fourteen compositions helped the band to reach number 34 on the respected Wcme chart. After releasing Fonok they toured almost entire Europe. They introduced their idea of melodies that „non-existing nations“ hum not only in Germany or Poland, but also in France, Russia or Norway. Live gigs are what is the most important thing about the whole DVA phenomenon. The band shows are often accompanied by projections by graphic artists Magdalena Hruba and Marketa Lisa. Their gigs are renowned for the creativity and playfulness – both of the group members switch to many different musical instruments during the show, you can hear guitar and banjo or a megaphone.

Dva live in concert / Bucharest //// November 30th / 20h00 / Green Hours / jazzy-ethno-world set / entrance: 15 ron /// and on Decembre 1st / 21h00 / Tago Mago / free entrance