The Swinging Marionettes / Pavel Vangeli / 29 noiembrie / 18h00 / Teatrul de Animatie Tandarica / Sala Lahovari

BUCURII PENTRU COPII. SPECTACOLE DE COLECTIE / 26 noiembrie- 5 decembrie / Teatrul de Animatie Tandarica

The Swinging Marionettes by Pavel Vangeli / 29 noiembrie / 18h00 / Teatrul de Animatie Tandarica / Sala Lahovari

workshop pentru studenti in domeniu si profesionisti sustinut de Pavel Vangeli / 29 noiembrie / 20h00 / Teatrul de Animatie Tandarica  / Sala Lahovari


Spectatorii de orice varsta, dar in special copiii, vor avea ocazia sa asiste la momente deosebite, in compania celor mai indragite povesti ale literaturii, vor asculta fragmente muzicale cunoscute si se vor familiariza cu atmosfera de basm creata cu ajutorul papusilor si marionetelor.

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(a little jazz revue with marionettes on strings)
Author, director, performer and singer – Pavel Vangeli


Cu siguranta singurul spectacol din lume cu marionete pe fire si jazz, blues si swing in care un actor si papusar canta live in locul marionetelor sale. Minunatele papusi (60-70 cm inaltime), acompaniate de diverse instrumente muzicale, toate posedand un sistem complex de efecte pentru deschiderea gurii, rotatia ochilor, alungirea gatului etc. Personajele precum Ingerul, Diavolul, Clownii, Negrul Gras, Doi Naufragiati si Scheletele, creeaza umor de situatie si glume. Cu fiecare nou numar scenografia se schimba. In timpul spectacolului exista un contact direct intre realizator si spectatori



Pavel Vangeli este papusar si actor, isi scrie si isi regizeaza singur spectacolele. In prezent are patru spectacole. Vangeli si-a inceput cariera in teatrele de amator, Radar si Rise Loutek. A luat cursuri de papusar la DAMU – Academia de Teatru din Praga, si a facut parte din cunoscutul teatru-manifest Kresadlo. Dupa terminarea studiilor in anul 1977, a fost acceptat ca papusar in cadrul Teatrului Ceh cu renume mondial, Spejbla a Hurvinka. Mai tarziu s-a decis sa lucreze pe cont propriu ca papusar freelance pentru audientele tinere.



Very likely the only performance in the world with marionettes on strings and jazz, blues and swing music in which an actor and marionettist sings swing songs live in the place of his marionettes. The beautiful marionettes (60-70 cm high), accompanied by various musical instruments, having special effects like opening mouth, rolling eyes, stretching neck and others. In six different  sketches the audience is entertained by juggling, dancing and burlesque singing of the marionettes. The characters like the Angel, Devil, Clowns, Fat Blackman, two Shipwrecked Persons and Skeletons make situational humour and gags. With every new number the scenery on stage is changed. During the show there is a direct contact between the performer and spectators.


Pavel Vangeli is a puppeteer and actor, who writes and directs his own performances. He currently has four shows available: Swinging Marionettes, The Heroic Adventures of the Fool and Prague – the enchanted city. Vangeli started his career in the amateur theatres Radar and Rise Loutek. He studied puppetry formally at DAMU – the Theatre Academy of Prague – and was part of the well-known movement-based theatre Kresadlo. After completing his studies in 1977 he was accepted as puppeteer in the Czech world-famous theatre Spejbla a Hurvinka. Later he decided to work on his own as a free-lance puppeteer for young audiences in then Socialist Czechoslovakia.