Coal in the Soul / 20 decembrie / 20h00 / Centrul Ceh

un eveniment Centrul Ceh sustinut de Pilsner Urquell

De-a lungul celor 14 ani de existenta Festivalul International de Filme Documentare de la Jihlava, festival competitiv de documentare creative, a devenit cel mai mare eveniment de acest gen din Europa Centrala. Evenimentul este specific datorita atmosferei sale informale, caracterului discutiilor, sprijinului sistematic a filmelor documentare si a activitatilor de publicare. Pe langa premiile acordate de juriu in fiecare an se mai acorda: Premiul Publicului si Premiul pentru Contributia la Cinematografia Mondiala. In acest an Festivalul International de Filme Documentare de la Jihlava s-a desfasurat in perioda 26-31 octombrie. Asemenea editiilor anterioare, in luna decembrie la Centrul Ceh va asteptam cu proiectiile filmelor castigatoare.

trailer aici

Zeny SHR, Rep. Ceha, 2010, 58 min.
Regia: Martin Dusek & Ondrej Provaznik
VO ceha / subtitrari in engleza

Documentarul Coal in the Soul a primit anul acesta premiul pentru cel mai bun film documentar ceh la Festivalul International de Filme Documentare de la Jihlava.

Filmul prezinta doua perspective fundamentale asupra mineritului carbunelui brun din Nordul Bohemiei. Cu ajutorul paznicului Hana si a reprezentantului companiei de exploatare a carbunelui Libena, intrebarea legata de incalcarea limitelor mineritului devine clara. Daca exploatarea continua, castelul nu va mai exista, nici satul Horni Jiretin, iar toata zona va avea nevoie de cateva sute de ani pentru a se reface.
“Juriul premiaza autorii filmului Coal in the Soul pentru instrospectiile profunde in punctele de vedere si povestile de viata ale protagonistilor, expuse de catre doua extreme a unei probleme sociale actuale.” Juriul  Festivalului International de Filme Documentare de la Jihlava

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During the 14 years of its existence, the competition festival of creative documentary film from Jihlava has become the greatest event of its kind in Central Europe. Its traditional motto is “Thinking Through Film!”. The festival is specific for its informal atmosphere, discussion character, systematic support of documentaries as well as publishing activities. Besides the prizes awarded by juries, the Audience Prize and the Contribution to World Cinematography Award are awarded each year. This year the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival festival took place between October 26th and 31st in the city of Jihlava. Like after the previous festival editions the Czech Center is going to screen the winning films from the Jihlava Festival.


The film Coal in the Soul by Martin Dusek reveals two fundamental perspectives on brown coal mining in Northern Bohemia. By means of castle warden Hana and coal company representative Libena, the question of the theme of breaking the mining limits is made clear. If the mining continues, there will be no castle, no village of Horni Jiretin, and the landscape will need some hundred years for renewal so that in the end, the winners might be defeated by their work.
The jury commented its verdict: “The jury awards the authors of the film Coal in the Soul for its deep insight into the viewpoints and life stories of the film protagonists, exposed on the two extremes of a socially momentous problem.”

Dusek Martin & Ondrej Provaznik


Martin Dusek (1978), comes from North Bohemia, studied TV Journalism and FMV UK in Prague, studied documentary filmmaking at FAMU. He is the author of several TV reports and documentaries for Czech TV multicultural broadcasting, in which he focused mainly on the environment of former Sudetenland. He finished his studies with the short documentary Odstrel (2002). At FAMU he made Zvaci dopis (documentary, 2004). In 2007, along with Ondrej Provaznik, he made the documentary film A Town Called Hermitage that was awarded at the Jihlava IDFF.

Ondrej Provaznik (1978) received his degree in journalism and currently is studying script-writing and dramaturgy in FAMU (Film Academy). As a journalist he worked in a cultural department in Lidove noviny (Newspapers), and as a director he had been externally contributing to the TV programm Kosmopolis (multi-cultural program) in Czech TV. His studies in journalism he finished by a documentary “Profesionalni vojak” (Professional Soldier) in 2000. It isan ironical portrayal of a young man who is hopelessly trying to join army service. In 2007 he shooted a short film called “Dneska ne” (Today not), which is a film without a plot of one person in one day. He is currently engaged in TV production.