FALLING ANGELS / 01 (Premiera), 05, 19 si 28 mai / Opera Nationala Bucuresti

Pe data de 1 mai, orele 19h00, Compania de Balet a Operei Nationale Bucuresti va prezenta in Premiera Nationala, in cadrul reprezentatiei Seara de Balet, spectacolul FALLING ANGELS, creat de cel mai mare coregraf contemporan al lumii: JIRI KYLIAN. Datele reprezentatiilor acestui spectacol sunt: 01 (Premiera), 05, 19 si 28 mai.


Falling Angels

Falling Angels is a work for eight women. It was conceived as a somewhat light-hearted homage to female performers. Although the music by Steve Reich creates a very strict structure, at the same time it leaves much freedom for choreographic and emotional interpretation. Choreographically, this piece is a study of the two most opposing  properties of any art work: discipline and freedom. To try and let these two contradicting elements  coexist side by side, seemed to me an interesting undertaking. The eight women dance in this work from start to finish. They never leave the stage. Their interdependence, and their wish to break out is evident throughout the entire piece. The light dissects the stage into different geometric areas and so it determines where the various group dances and solos take place.
Falling Angels is a work about performers and the art of performing, with all its panache, anxiety, vulnerability, inferiority complexes and humour. It is a symbol of a strife between belonging and independence, a dilemma, which accompanies all of us from cradle to grave.


Jiri Kylian