Other Worlds / 25 iunie / 20h00 / Centrul Ceh


Ine svety, Slovacia,  2006, 78 min
Scenariu si regie: Marko Skop
VO slovaca / Subtitrari in engleza

Regiunea Saris din estul Slovaciei reprezinta atat o granita fizica cat si una ideologica dintre Europa de Est si cea de Vest. Granita dintre individualismul rational al vestului si emotivitatea expresiva a estului. Acest teritoriu a fost din totdeauna considerat un mic Babilon.
Europa este din nou in schimbare. Care este efectul globalizarii asupra individului? Cum i se schimba lui viata? Se pierde diversitatea? Se renunta la unicitate si autenticitate in favoarea unificarii?
Marko Skop vine cu sase personaje care povestesc despre schimbarile din vietile lor, schimbarile din comunitatile lor. Printre cei 6, unii tin sa-si mentioneze etnia, iar altii au pierdut-o de mult pe drumul globalizarii.


Saris, in the East of Slovakia is a very specific border region between Eastern and Western Europe. Borderline between rational individualism of the West and expressive emotionality of the East. The territory in the foothills of Eastern Carpathians has always been strongly traditional but also a crazy mix, „little Babylon“of a place. People from the region of Saris have been often called „crazy Easterners“. Europe has started its transformation again and life is changing rapidly. Our documentary film is trying to track down the so-called globalization process and the effect it has on the individual lives and stories of the people. The film depicts six different characters and the changes in their close communities. They are Sarisans, Ruthenians, Jews, Gypsies, but also young people with no particular or special identity, with no attempt to specify their uniqueness. The filmmakers are trying to show the end of the traditional diversity, and are searching for the beauty of the original, the authentic, the interesting and the individual.
Awards: MFDF Jihlava 2006, „Talent of the Year“ at DOK-Leipzig 2006, Euro Media Award Vídeň 2006