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Blind Loves

Slepe Lasky, Slovacia, 2008, 77 min.
Regia: Juraj Lehotsky
VO ceha / Subtitrari in engleza

Uneori dragostea poate fi oarba…a-ti gasi locul in lume nu e un lucru usor nici pentru cei cu vederea buna, dar cat de dificila este dilema in cazul celor nevazatori? “Vederea” acestora este de multe ori esentialista si foarte des ironica si spirituala. Filmul scoate la iveala noi sensuri ale fericirii.

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Bird of Prey

Dravy vtak, Slovacia, 2009, 3 min. 59 sec.
Regia: Peter Budinsky
VO ceha / Subtitrari in engleza

Filmul arata reactiile diferite ale oamenilor confruntati cu necazuri. Cand nu sunt cu adevarat ingrijorati reactionează diferit decat atunci cand problemele devin o parte nelipsita a vietii lor.

Portrait to USA

Obraz do Ameriky, Slovacia, 2009, 16 min.
Regia: Peter Kovacik
VO ceha / Subtitrari in engleza

Pictor de factura clasica, Janko Siazik traieste timp de decenii la periferia societatii. Evadeaza din izolarea in micul sat natal din Slovacia pentru a-si trimite cel mai recent portret catre Statele Unite.


Ticho, Slovacia, 2009, 12 min.
Regia: Slavomir Zrebny
VO ceha / Subtitrari in engleza

Despre un barbat in cautarea linistii. Dar lucrurile de care incearca sa scape nu ii mai dau pace. Singurul loc in care totul tace este propria lume interioara.


Blind Loves
Love can be blind at times… To find one´s place in this world is not an easy thing to do for people with good sight, but how much more difficult it can get for somobedy who is blind? The “view” of blind persons is often pure and essential, and very often witty. It uncovers new dimensions of meaning of happiness.

Bird of Prey
Film points out how people can differently react on troubles. When they aren´t fully concerned they act differently than when trouble becomes a part of their life.

Portrait to USA
Classically trained painter Janko Siazik has lived on the periphery of society for decades. He steps outside of his isolation in his small Slovakian village to send his latest portrait to the US.

About a man in a search of silence. Everything – he is trying to escape from – starts to harry him. He cannot find silence anywhere, except his inner world.



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