Mario Bihari / concert de muzica tiganeasca / VI 28 octombrie / 21h00 / Clubul Taranului / MTR

Mario Bihari & Frantisek Raba / concert de muzica tiganeasca (acordeon, pian & contrabas)
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Mario Bihari este solistul si fondatorul ansamblului de muzica tiganeasca Bachtale Apsa, ce s-ar traduce Lacrimi Fericite, denumirea facand aluzie la varietatea de sentimente pe care acest tip de muzica este capabila sa o redea. Spectacolele combina muzica a etniilor rome din Balcani, Ungaria, Romania si Slovacia. Trupa nu se face remarcata doar prin persoana lui Mario Bihari, solist si pianist orb, ci si prin calitatatile vocale ale celorlalti membrii si prin ritmurile deosebite pe care le realizeaza.

’’Faptul ca interpretez muzica tiganeasca nu este o coincidenta, cum nu este nici faptul ca sunt de etnie roma.’’
Faptul ca este nevazator nu a impiedicat ca el si muzica lui sa dobandeasca recunoastere internationala, sau sa interpreteze alaturi de muzicieni cehi de top precum Zuzana Navarova sau Ivan Gutierez. ’’Vreau ca muzica mea sa ofere un singur lucru publicului – sentimentul de satisfactie inainte de a pleca acasa.’’

Mario Bihari va concerta in Bucuresti acompaniat la contrabas de Frantisek Raba pe data de 28 octombrie.

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Mario Bihari – an extraordinary blind Roma musician

Mario Bihari is an extraordinary Roma singer, pianist, acordeonist and clarinetist. He got his reputation as a musician thanks to collaborating with a famous Czech singer Zuzana Navarova in the band KOA. But in the last time he has etablished himself as an independent musician who is shining in the field of Roma music. Although the Bihari clan is a traditional musician family, Mario didn’t know his father’s familly too much. He got to music after a tragical accident in the age of eight when he went totally blind. In his childhood he was forced to leave his familly and go to the only primary school for  blind children which was 300 kms away from his home town Bratislava. After finishing the primary school he left for Prague where he settled down and finished studies at Jan Deyl Conservatory.
In 1998 he became a member of the band KOA which collaborated with the performer duo Zuzana Navarova – Ivan Gutierrez. In 1999 they released an album called Sklenena vrba and in 2000 a live record called Zelene album. When Gutierreze quit the band Mario started to produce his own songs within the band. The golden album Barvy vsecky (2001) and later Jako Santydevi (2003) include approximatly quarter of Mario’s songs. After Zuzana Navarova’s premature death in December 2004 Mario Bihari became the main interpretor of KOA and released additional two albums. After that Mario left the KOA project and in 2009 formed his own band Bachtale Apsa which is now one of the most progressive Roma music formations in the Czech Republic.
Mario Bihari´s solo shows are a combination of the Gypsy traditional music and his own ballads. At his concerts you can hear both, old and new original songs (some of which has become popular among general audience) as well as traditional Gypsy csardas. The result is a colourful atmosphere of a musical fantasy which is based on famous concerts with Zuzana Navarova. Mario adds the flavour of his notorious Gypsy temper to it. Sometimes he invites excellent musicians as well. To his musical activities include composing the music for various theatre plays; nowadays he has set several Roma stories to music for Viola Theatre. There he performs together with a well known Czech actress Bara Hrzanova. Occasionally he takes part in charitable actions and helps the NGOs that focused on working with children.
In conclusion, it should be mentioned that  except for his musical activities Mario Bihari is also a photographer and a permanent member representing the Czech Republic in the best known sport for visually impaired people called Gollball. With his Gollball team he takes part in international tournaments and championchips. Mario Bihary is not only an excellent musician but also an incredibly strong personality who has been able to deal with his adversity.

Mario Bihari will perform in Bucharest together with a contrabass companion Frantisek Raba on the 28th of October.

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