Suburbia / 24 septembrie / 20h00 / Centrul Ceh

un eveniment Centrul Ceh sustinut de Pilsner Urquell

In ultima vreme, Bucurestiul si imprejurimile lui au devenit un adevarat santier de constructii. Toata lumea demoleaza, sapa, construieste – de obicei cu prea putina consideratie sau chiar deloc, fata de zonele inconjuratoare. Justificarile pentru toate acestea sunt redate din ce in ce mai mult de publicitatea de tip outdoor, care afirma ca habitatul in blocuri nu mai e ceea ce era, in timp ce alte reclame ne invita sa descoperim vietuirea ecologica.
Invitam experiti in publicitate sa discute cu noi diferentele dintre promisiunile publicitatii si realitatea de pe santier, in cazul catorva proiecte rezidentiale noi, de mare brand, in incercarea de a ajunge la cateva concluzii despre aceasta “noua lume splendida”  in care suntem invitati sa traim.

Photodocumentation: Raluca Radescu
Text/Discussion: Diana Ceausu and guests

Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream
Canada 2004, 78 min
Regia: Gregory Greene

Dezvoltarea suburbiei nu este o noua moda. Dupa al II-lea Razboi Mondial, nord-americanii au investit o mare parte din fondurile lor in subrubie, promitand un nou sens al spatiului, accesibilitate, viata de familie si mobilitate ascendenta. Dar cum pasim in secolul al 21-lea, intrebari serioase incep sa apara privind mentinerea acestui mod de viata.
Oare suburbiile de azi sunt predestinate sa devina cartierele saracacioase de maine?

Acest documentar abordeaza una dintre cele mai mari discutii ecologice de acum, si in ciuda faptului ca, probabil, cativa il vor cataloga ca fiind unilateral, Gregorz Greene nu face decit sa aduce informatii si fapte si sa le puna laolalta. Iar lucrurile prezentate ar trebui macar luate in considerare.



Bucharest and its surroundings have lately become pretty much of a construction site. Everybody is demolishing, digging, building, usually with little or no consideration at all for the surrounding areas. Explanations for all this is given in more and more advertising outdoors claiming that living in blocks is no longer what it used to be, while other ads invite us to discover “greener” living.
We invite advertising experts to discuss with us the differences between advertising claims and the reality on site for several major brand new residential projects, and try to extract some conclusions about this “brave new world” of living.

Photodocumentation: Raluca Radescu
Text/Discussion: Diana Ceausu and guests

Developing suburbia is not a new trend. Since World War II North Americans have invested much of their new found wealth in suburbia. It has promised a sence of space, affordability, family life and upward mobility. But as we enter the 21st century serious questions are beginning to emerge about the sustainability of this way of life. The inevitable decline of fossil fuels will have very probably immense consequences for this life style. Are today’s suburbs destined to become the slums of tomorrow?
This documentary is touching one of the biggest ecological discussions of our time, and even if some might find it very one-sided, it definitely puts information and facts together, that we should at least consider.



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