Falling times / 23-24 noiembrie / Sibiu


Michael Bielicky and Kamila B. Richter

FALLING TIMES / 23-24 noiembrie
Projections on buildings in public space

Falling Times este o reactie la poluarea informationala cu care ne confruntam. Societatea informationala a creat un nou tip de consumator, consumatorul informational. Informatiile cele mai consumate sunt stirile. Stirile, insa se aproprie din ce in ce mai mult de divertisment – un asa zis info-divertisment.
Pornind de la aceste idei am decis sa cream un limbaj vizual redus pentru spatiul public, ca o alternativa la poluarea informationala. Credem ca atat in spatiul fizic cat si in cel digital, o persoana trebuie sa intre in contact cu o informatie constient si ecologic.
In proiectul nostru Falling Times reduce informatia la titlu sau doar o parte din titlu, un cuvant ce apare des in cadrul stirilor. Aceste stiri compactate si apoi transpuse in pictograme dinamice, un limbaj considerat universal si usor inteligibil.
Informatia pe care o prezentam noi nu mai are nici un inteles, ci, mai degraba, deseneaza un model ce ne decoreaza viata si ne da senzatia ca suntem ancorati in realitate. Opriti poluarea informationala!


Falling Times deals with the heavy infoPollution we live in. The InfoSociety has created a new kind of consumer – the InfoConsumer. The most consumed information is the news today. The news has been turning more and more into an entertainment – the Infotainment.
With this awareness we decided to create a reduced visual language for public space as an alternative to the heavily polluted public information space. We believe one should consciously and ecologically approach contents and amount of data in the physical and digital space.
In our Falling Times visualization we reduce the content only to headlines and key words that appear in the news the most often. These reduced news are translated into a dynamic pictogram language that is considered to be universal and instantly understandable.
Information do not transport any meaning any more but rather create a pattern decorating our daily life with the feeling that we are connected to the reality. Stop infoPollution!

Text: Michael Bielicky and Kamila B. Richter


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