Seara Antonin Dvorak / 15 februarie / 19h00 / Sala Radio

15 februarie / 19h00 / Studioul Mihail Jora, Radiodifuziunea Romana
Str. Gen. Berthelot nr 60-64

Uvertura de concert Carnavalul op 92
Concert in sol minor pentru pian si orchestra op 33
Simfonia a7-a in re minor op 70
Orchestra Nationala Radio, dirijor Ovidiu Balan, solist Nicolae Dumitru

Pentru unii muzica clasica este foarte depasita. Altii o vad ca singura forma a perfectiunii atemporale.
Dupa ce am dat ocazia iubitorilor de muzica clasica sa faca cunostinta cu trash-punk-ul cehesc la concertul the Nihilists, acum ii invitam pe toti clubberii sa asculte un concert de muzica clasica.
Harul creator al lui Dvořák s-a manifestat foarte pregnant in genul concertului instrumental: concertele sale pentru violoncel si orchestra si pentru vioara si orchestra au devenit de mult piese nelipsite din repertoriul tuturor solistilor. Mult mai putin cunoscut este Concertul pentru pian si orchestra in sol minor de Antonin Dvorak.

Biletele se pot cumpara zilnic intre 10 si 18 de la Casa de bilete a Radiodifuziunii / Str. Gen. Berthelot 60-64 / tel: 314 68 00
Intrare libera pe baza carnetului de student : )

Asa cum v-am obisnuit, va asteapta cateva bilete la noi… Scrieti-mi un mail pe


The concert overture Carnival op 92
The concert for piano and orchestra in G minor op 33
The 7th Symphony in D minor op 70
Performed by the National Radio Orchestra, conductor Ovidiu Balan, soloist Nicolae Dumitru

To some people it may seem that listening to classical music is not from this century. Others see it as the only acceptable form of timeless perfection. They would never expect to find this in jazz, house, rock, electronic, new wave or any other genre. Not many clubbers go to classical concerts, either. So after giving all classical music lovers a chance to enjoy a bit of Czech trash punk with the Nihilists concert, we invite all of you, clubbers and contemporary music fans, to listen to a bit of timeless classical harmony.

Antonin Dvorak was one of the greatest Bohemian composers and one of the leading masters of symphonic and chamber music of the late 19th century. He traveled to England and the US where he often conducted his music. He was director of the National Conservatory of Music in New York and the got inspired from the diverse cultures that he got to know (English, American, American Indian), never letting go of the flavor of Czech folk melody. After his return to Bohemia Dvorak became director of the Prague Conservatory.
A prolific composer, Dvorak worked in all forms, and his music has a spontaneous freshness that sometimes conceals the skill of its construction. He was a melodist of genius and a superb orchestrator, and cultivated the traditional classical forms.

Tickets can be bought daily between 10h00 and 18h00 from the booking house on 60-64 Gen. Berthelot street / tel: 314 68 00


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