Refugees by Katerina Drzkova / 22 februerie / 19h00 / Andreiana Mihail


REFUGEES by Katerina Drzkova
vineri, 22 februarie, 19h00
Galeria Andreiana Mihail / Str. Pandele Tarusanu nr. 4bis

Expozitia formata din 6 perechi de fotografii s-a nascut treptat, ca rezultat al vizitelor Katerinei in cateva tabere de refugiati si a discutiilor pe care le-a avut cu ei. In cadrul unei perechi fotografiile, desi pornesc de la acelasi negativ sunt diferite si tratate diferit. Una dintre fotografii are caracter documentar, prezentand personajul in alb-negru, in realitatea taberei de refugiati. Cea de-a doua este un montaj in culori, infatisand mediul lumii occidentale, bogate.

Principalul element al intregului ansamblu este instalatia. In timp ce fotografiile color sunt mari si asezate normal pe pereti, fotografiile alb-negru, mult mai mici, sunt ascunse in interiorul unor cutii. Vizitatorul poate vedea fotografiile reale doar uitandu-se printr-un fel de binoclu. Realitatea taberelor de refugiati este astfel si mai tare indepartata de privitor, care o poate examina doar cu binoclul.
Fotografiile facute in mediul impersonal al taberelor de refugiati nu scot la iveala prea mult despre realitate sau istoria personala a oamenilor – dimpotriva, fotografiile color, fictive, dezvaluie poate mult mai bine situatia reala.
Intregului ansamblu poate fi inteles nu numai ca fuga intr-un exil real si concret ci si intr-o lume de iluzii.


“I would like to start thinking differently. I would like to start thinking the way people in the West think. I would want to work and buy a house”…, they told me. If you believe in photography, their dreams will come true.
This photographic installation examines the theme of refugees, who are standing in front of the gates of the “Western world of luxury and wealth”. Authentic documentary photographs were used as the basic material to create colourful montages, in which the refugees find themselves in new settings, constructed on the basis of their testimonies in most cases.

Katerina Drzkova (born in 1978, Czech Republic)  graduated the Faculty of Social Studies at Charles University and is now studying photography at the Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. In mid-2005 she took part at the project “reGeneration – 50 Photographers of Tomorrow“ organized by Swiss Musée de l’Elysee. Since then she has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions (Shot And Go, Venice, Italy, Gallery for Wintertime, Berlin, Germany,  Prague Biennale 3, Prague, Czech Republic,  Month of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia).