Daddy & Lili Marlene / 5 mai / 20h00 / Centrul Ceh

un eveniment Centrul Ceh sustinut de Pilsner Urquell


from the film series  PRIVATE  CENTURY

Rep Ceha, 2006, 52min
Scenariu si regie: Jan Sikl
Montaj: Jan Danhel, Simon Spidla
Sunet: Daniel Nemec

Viata fiecaruia dintre noi este unica si nerepetabila. Ciclul “Private Century” prezinta povesti autentice bazate pe home-videos, o vedere foarte intima asupra vietii unei familii, o istorie a lumii ca o culegere de povesti private ce impresioneaza datorita faptului ca ne putem identifica in ele.

“Daddy and Lili Marlene” este o poveste privita prin ochii micutei Eva care isi aduce aminte de copilarie, de parinti, de tata si Lili. Seisser, tatal Evei era un fermier de succes in Velichovky si avea trei fete. Cea mai mare dintre ele, Lili, frumoasa si plina de viata, s-a indragostestit de un doctor ceh, si s-a muta la Praga. Desi era timp de razboi, Eva isi aminteste de anii petrecuti la Velichovky si Praga, ca fiind cei mai frumosi ani din viata ei.  Tot in acea perioada, Eva face o pasiune pentru cantecul “Lili Marlene” pe care a il asociaza cu mama ei.
Dar viata placuta din Praga a fermecat-o pe Lili, si aceasta a inceput sa se indeparteze de familia ei. Drept urmare, Eva a devenit tot mai atasata de tatal ei.
Sfarsitul razboiului si instalarea regimului comunist a tulburat si mai mult viata Evei. A fost o perioada si mai dramatica decat cea din timpul razboiului.


The life of each of us is unique and unrepeatable. The cycle “Private Century” tells authentic stories based on private family film archives. The “Private Century” shows the history as a set of intimate human stories. Their intensity can affect also others because the essential events take place in every single one of our lives.

“Daddy and Lili Marlene” is narrated from the point of view of little Eva who recollects her memories, her parents, daddy and Lili. Life captured on private archive films is a very intimate view into relations within a family. Seisser, her father, was a successful farmer in Velichovky. He had three daughters. The name of the oldest was Lili. Lili was beautiful and vivacious. She fell in love with a Czech doctor from Prague and spent several happy years with him. Little Eva remembers the years spent in Velichovky and Prague as the happiest period of her life. Even though there was the war. During that time became very fond of wartime hit “Lili Marlene” which she started to associate with her mother.
But the sweet life in Prague charmed Lili and she was becoming increasingly disconnected from her family. Eva became attached to her father whom she loved dearly and never called him anything but “daddy.”
The end of the war and arrival of the communism brought more turmoil into Eva’s life. It was more dramatic that what she had gone through during the war.