LOST HOLIDAY / 12 februarie / 20h00 / Centrul Ceh



Rep. Ceha, 2006, 85 min
Scenariu si regie: Lucie Kralova
VO ceha / Subtitrari in engleza


In timpul vacantei sale din Suedia, un turist ceh a gasit o valiza in care era o punga cu filme nedevelopate. Cand a scos fotografiile acasa, a descoperit un grup de turisti asiatici.
Lucie Kralova decide sa refaca traseul celor 6 asiatici. Filmul se transforma intr-un fel de politist. In Praga se organizeaza o expozitie cu toate cele 756 de fotografii gasite si conferinte pe aceasta tema. Dupa ce se afla ca cei 6 sunt chinezi, se incepe o cautare mai bine directionata. Povestea cehilor care au salvat amintirile chinezilor, devine atat de populara, incat televiziunea nationala din China se ofera sa ii ajute pe cehi, si o invita pe Lucie Kralova intr-o emisiune.
Filmul „Lost Holiday“ trateaza problema industriei turistice, un fenomen caracterizant al epocii in care traim. Demersul echipei isi propune sa descopere atat concret, cat si la un nivel mai general, cine sunt cei din fotografii si ce transmit fotografiile turistice. Documentarul cu iz detectiv realizat de Lucie Kralová este unul dintre cele mai interesante documentare contemporane cehesti.



One Czech traveler found during his holiday in Sweden a lost shabby suitcase with a bag of undeveloped films inside. When he checked the negatives at home, he discovered a group of Asian tourists.
Lucie Kralova decides to follow the traces of the 6 unknown Asians. With her crew, she organizes in Prague an exhibition including all 756 snaps and a series of lectures inviting philosophers, travelers and historians.
When it turns out that the people in the photos are Chinese, the authors enter the Chinese internet forums. The story of Czechs saving Chinese memories becomes so popular that the Chinese state TV offered its help and invites the film director. Thus the original topic got extended significantly. The film reflects the multilayer reality of the Asian country and the filmmakers become part of the Chinese TV industry which reinterprets the story in its own way.
The „Lost Holiday“ deals with the tourism industry as a phenomenon deeply characterizing the age we are living in. The investigation of the crew tries to find out both concretely and generally who are the people in the lost pictures and what the touristic photos are all about. The documentary detective story of Lucie Kralova belongs among the most interesting contemporary Czech documentaries.


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