Submissions for ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL 2015!

Festivalul de film Astra anunță open-call pentru filme documentare.
Anul acesta festivalul va avea loc între 5 și 11 octombrie în Sibiu, România.
Deadline-ul este 20 aprilie 2015.
Mai multe informații găsiți pe site-ul festivalului sau pe pagina de facebook

Submissions are now open for ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL 2015!
The Festival will take place between 5 and 11 October in Sibiu, Romania.
Deadline for submissions is April 20th, 2015.
Please read the Rules & Regulations carefully, and fill in the online submission form.

The Festival is the local beating heart for the international and regional annual non-fiction cinema production. Through its special focus, it is the place to feel the pulse of documentary film production in the ex-Eastern European Block, and new Romanian productions, to meet fellow-filmmakers from around the world, debate upon major issues faced by documentarists while exposing real life and real people on the big screen, and interact with professionals and with an enthusiastic audience.
We are looking forward to receiving your films!


La Grande Tristezza w. Eliza
22:00 Wed→Thu 22.02, Bucharest
Fotbal pentru Diversitate
19:00 Fri→Sun 25.02, Bucharest
Plurabelle live @Macaz // 23 februarie
22:00 Fri→Sat 24.02, Bucharest
Party Pentru Timizi | Luna Istoriei LGBT+
21:00 Sat→Sun 25.02, Bucharest
What Is QUEER Anymore? | Luna Istoriei LGBT+
18:30 26.02.→27.02., Bucharest
19:00 26.02., Bucharest
20:00 26.02., Bucharest
Bătălii, Regi și Elefanți
20:00 27.02., Bucharest
Începe prin Curaj
18:00 28.02., Iasi
Stă să plouă
20:00 28.02., Bucharest
Aleargă de 1 Martie
20:00 01.03., Bucharest
Kraftwerk 3-D live concert in Bucuresti
18:00 - 23:00, 01.03., Bucharest
Green Hours JAZZ Fest – X
18:35 31.05.→03.06., Bucharest

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