The Stone Silence / 29 septembrie / 20h00 / Centrul Ceh

un eveniment Centrul Ceh sustinut de Pilsner Urquell


Kamienna Cisza, Polonia, 2007, 60 min
Regie si scenariu: Krzysztof Kopczynski
Imagine: Jacek Petrycki, Hanna Polak
Montaj: Anna Dymek
Sunet: Jaroslaw Roszyk
Comania de productie: Eureka Media, Society Films

Un film prezentat in colaborare cu Institutul Polonez

Pe 23 aprilie 2005, o tanara de 29 ani a fost batuta cu pietre in public, pedeapsa pentru adulter in satul afgan Spin Gaw.
Povestea filmului incepe 5 ani inaintea acestui eveniment care a declansat un scandal mediatic international.
Amina este promisa lui Mohammad. Casatoriile aranjate de catre parinti sunt foarte des intalnite in Afghanistan. Amina este insa un caz fericit. Fiind vecina cu familia lui Mohammad, acestia au crescut impreuna si se cunosc. La scurta vreme dupa casatorie, Mohammad isi lasa tanara nevasta si pleaca la lucru. Amina il intalneste pe Karim iar intre cei doi incepe o idila ascunsa. Insa nimic nu poate ramane ascuns in spatele peretilor de chirpici. Amina si Karim sunt prinsi, acuzati, judecati si pedepsiti.


On April 23rd, 2005 a 29 year-old woman was publicly stoned for adultery in the Afghan village of Spin Gaw. The story of this powerful documentary begins five years before the aforementioned event broke over international media waves causing a stir on news programs and talk shows. It follows Amina who was given away by her family to be married to Muhammad. In Afghanistan these ‘arranged marriages’ – where parents choose their child’s future spouse – are quite common and rooted in tradition. But lucky for Amina and Muhammad, they had been neighbors growing up and knew one another well. Right after the wedding however, Muhammad left his new bride for find work in Iran. Amina lived alone. Then Karim appeared in her life. Drawn to each other, they started seeing each other in secret, but in the clay houses of Spin Gaw there is no room for clandestine activities. The two were eventually caught together and accused of violating the law. This engrossing film chronicles their affair, trial and punishment with piercing candor.

Krzysztof Kopczynski was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1959. He holds a PhD in Humanities from the University of Warsaw, Poland. He is the owner of the film production company Eureka Media. As a producer and scriptwriter he has made more than 100 documentary films and TV programs receiving the award for the best Polish producer at the Cracow Film Festival in 2006. He has filmed in Europe, Russia, India, Afghanistan, the United States and Argentina. He is a professor at the University of Warsaw in the Literature, Film and Media Department, the author and editor of several books and head of “Future of Media”International Association.
The Film “Stone Silence” received Production Award “Sky is the Limit” at Chicago International Documentary Festival on April 2007 and the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at the 50th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film – DOK Leipzig on November 2007.


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