15 000 Years of Sameness / MeetFactory Prague

We invite you to the openings of an exhibition of Dan Perjovschi (RO) and Matěj Smetana (CZ) 15 000 Years of Sameness. The exhibition 15 000 Years of Sameness confronts the creation of two artists of different generations. The post‐revolutionary generation is represented by Rumanian artist Dan Perjovschi, who creates spectacular site‐specific interventions into the gallery spaces and reflects upon everyday political events in the form of a reduced spontaneous comic drawing. Czech artist Matěj Smetana stands for the younger generation. He often works with randomness, e.g. random outcomes generated by means of mathematic algorithms.


Both artists share a subtle irony that erodes our stereotypes in apprehending the established cultural mechanisms of everyday reality.

Dan Perjovschi
(* 1961)  The artist grew up in the totalitarian environment of a communist regime. After the fall of the Ceaușescu dictatorship in Romania in1989 he began to create within the first wave of the vanguard movement. With his drawings Dan Perjovschi makes comments on political and social events. He has presented his artworks at dozens of both group and solo exhibitions in Romania and in renowned museum abroad, cities like New York, Stockholm, Eindhoven, Cologne, and Venice. In 2009 he produced more than 200 comics-type drawings, thus decorating the concrete walls of the National Technical Library’s courtyard in Prague 6 – Dejvice.


Matěj Smetana
(* 1980)  Matěj Smetana studied at the Brno FaVU (Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology), in studios Painting 3 of Petr Kvíčala and Intermedia. He creates mostly installation, comics and video art. Often he ponders the relationship between deliberately set limitations and a coincidence. An example can be three-dimensional bodies whose spatial clusters are based on symbolic shapes. He has presented his work in many solo and group exhibition venues both at home and abroad, in Prague and other cities.



Curators: Karina Kottová, Jaro Varga
Opening: 21. 10., 19:00
Artist:  Dan Perjovschi (RO), Matěj Smetana (CZ)


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