Bienala Tinerilor Artisti / 3-31 octombrie


A treia editie a Bienalei Tinerilor Artisti isi propune sa ofere o privire de ansamblu asupra artei contemporane internationale, apropiindu-se, in acelasi timp, de scena romaneasca.
Dorinta mea este de a capta ad hoc creatiile contemporane pentru a contribui la dezvoltarea procedeelor artistice si pentru a ajuta publicul sa inteleaga mai bine cele mai noi schimbari artistice si culturale.
Din relatiile mele cu artistii, criticii si curatorii romani si straini – in special cei din fostul bloc estic, am realizat ca unul dintre subiectele care-i obsedeaza este contaminarea, sentimentul ambiguu de uniformizare. Problema nu este pusa doar de oamenii de aici, ci de toti ceilalti. Prin ce se-aseamana si prin ce se diferentiaza ei? Cand diferentele de ideologie impusa devin neclare, ce mai inseamna sa fii la nivel artistic ca toti ceilalti? Si am ajuns la un paradox, deoarece artistul este in primul rand o personalitate de exceptie si nu un oarecare.
de Ami Barak

Scena artistica ceheasca este reprezentata de 3 artisti: Filip Smetana, Matej Smetana si Adam Vackar.

MATEJ SMETANA (1980, Prague)
WE ARE THE WORLD, 2008, installation
“We Are The World” represents a collection of 14 founding versions of world flags, created in different contexts during the 20th and the 21st century. Printed and exhibited together, in the specific way, this project becomes a strange attempt at universality.

ADAM VACKAR (1979, Prague)
MAIN D’OEUVRE, 2008, video documentation of an action and sculpture
In his project, Adam invited a worker to make his own self-portrait in clay. The concept brings into question the situation in the fifties under the communist regime in Czechoslovakia, where as a part of the communist utopia, workers were invited to make and teach in art schools. Adam works with the ambiguity of the time replacement; the once ideological utopian project was replaced by the economy of art: the artist makes the worker work for him and presents the entire worker’s working process as his own work.

FILIP SMETANA (1983, Prague)
EFEKT, 2008, colored and varnished wood
UNTITLED, 2008, colored and varnished laminate
Filip will be present at the biennale with two objects. Wood, plastic, paint and fire are used to alter the original neutral shapes of objects. The result, in combination with reflexes and shadows, lies at the border between real and illusion.



The third edition of the Biennial of Young Artists aims first and foremost to be an overview of the international contemporary art while closely associating the Romanian scene to the international scene. It presents itself as an instant photograph of contemporary creation so as to update the contemporary processes of art and help the general public understand the latest artistic and cultural developments better.
I noticed during my permanent contacts with the Romanian artists, critics and curators as well as from other countries
of the former Eastern bloc that one of the questions obsessing them is this spread and ambiguous feeling of normalisation. The question is not solely put by people from here but also by all the others. What makes them similar and what makes them different? When the imposed ideological differences have grown blurred, what does it mean to be like everyone else on the artistic level? And this one quickly reaches a paradox because the artist is first of all a personality of exception and not somebody similar to the others.
by Ami Barak


Morden pres. Disco Very Night at Manasia
10:00 TodayTmrw, Bucharest
Debate&screening: Adunarea
10:30 Today, Bucharest
Repair Cafe #14
13:00 Today, Chisinau
18:00 Today, Bucharest
Our New President @One World Romania
20:00 TodayTmrw, Bucharest
Gipsy Mafia / LIVE / 24.03/ora 22
22:00 TodayTmrw, Bucharest
Duo Mercur / Cumbia Mexicană
22:00 TodayTmrw, Bucharest
Concert PC Harem | One World Romania
22:30 TodayTmrw, Bucharest
Nu e bine să vorbești
11:00 Tmrw, Bucharest
Blackbird de David Harrower
19:00 Tmrw, Bucharest
Bătălii, Regi și Elefanți
20:00 Tmrw, Bucharest
Premieră “Friday”
20:30 Tmrw, Bucharest
Trilogie din Belgrad
19:00 26.03., Bucharest
Stă să plouă | de Lia Bugnar
20:00 26.03., Bucharest
Talking Matter #1 – Glass
19:00 27.03., Bucharest
Identitate și Gen
19:30 27.03., Bucharest
Malaga | de Lukas Bärfuss
20:00 27.03., Bucharest
Edmond, de David Mamet
19:00 28.03., Baia Mare
Cineclub Film Menu: Peeping Tom
19:30 28.03., Bucharest
Natura Tentației #rezist
19:30 28.03., Bucharest
Scara Pisicii | comedie neagră
20:00 28.03., Bucharest
CALL to UNITY w/ darkbro @macaz
22:00 28.03.→29.03., Bucharest
Noi împotriva noastră
17:00 29.03.→31.03., Bucharest
Code for Romania – Year 2
19:00 29.03., Bucharest
Povești din bucătărie
19:00 29.03., Baia Mare
Lumea Dinăuntru de John Elsom
20:00 29.03., Bucharest
Înaintea Erei Noastre
20:00 29.03., Bucharest
„Frig” de Lars Noren
19:00 30.03., Bucharest
Plex, pe texte de Eric Bogosian
19:00 30.03., Baia Mare
Makers Meetup #12
00:00 31.03., Chisinau
Târg de vinyluri Paradis Paradis
12:00 31.03.→01.04., Bucharest
Trădare de Harold Pinter
19:00 31.03., Bucharest
19:00 31.03., Bucharest
20:00 01.04., Bucharest
Alt Timp Nu Am
19:30 03.04., Bucharest
Sexul cu Roboți
19:30 05.04., Bucharest
Atelierul de pielărie #6
10:30 14.04., Bucharest
Din Calcul Altruist
19:30 16.04., Bucharest
Copilăria-Perioada Fericită
19:30 17.04., Bucharest
Înaintea Erei Noastre
20:00 19.04., Bucharest
OPEN CALL | Sejsmograf 3
23:58 20.04., Kraków
DoR Live: La Școală
19:30 23.04., Bucharest
Bătălii, Regi și Elefanți
20:00 25.04., Bucharest
Cum să fim creativi?
19:03 08.05., Bucharest
Cultural Management Academy 2018
09:00 02.07.→06.07., Bucharest
Green Hours JAZZ Fest – X
18:35 31.05.→03.06., Bucharest