Refugee Action: Helping Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Centrul Ceh, împreună cu Martina Smutna (artist în rezidență la Centrul Ceh) organizează o acțiune de ajutor umanitar pentru refugiații și solicitanții de azil din tabăra improvizată din Dimitrovgrad, la granița dintre Serbia și Bulgaria.

„Sute de refugiați sunt blocați la punctele de frontieră. Grupuri auto-organizate de voluntari din toată Europa, s-au mobilizat ca să aducă în tabere mâncare și haine. Peste 1500 de voluntari din Republica Cehă au ajutat refugiații de la graniță, începând cu luna septembrie“, spune Martina, chemand în ajutor și societatea civilă din Romania.

La Centrul Ceh (str. Ion Ghica 11, Bucuresti, de luni până vineri, între 8 și 4:30 sau, în afara acestui orar, la 0747893500) puteți dona haine de iarnă, ciorapi, mănuși, fulare groase, cizme și bocanci de iarnă (mărimile 39-44), pături. Toate lucrurile colectate vor fi transportate în Serbia pe 11 decembrie, cu mașina Centrului Ceh.

Pentru mai multe informații vă rugăm să o contactație pe Martina Smutná la 0747893500.


Czech Centre in Bucharest and Martina Smutna (artist-in-residence at Czech Centre) organize a humanitarian aid for the refugees and asylum seekers coming to improvised camp at Bulgaria-Serbia border in Dimitrovgrad.

Situation is changing every day according to political decisions. Croatian, Macedonian and Serbian authorities recently reject those who cannot prove Syrian, Afghan or Iraqi citizenship. Hundreds are stranded at border crossings, whilst authorites and NGO’s are not able to provide basic support to them. However, self organized groups of volunteers from all over Europe are helping refugees at the border crossings, providing them with food and clothing. Over 1,500 volunteers from the Czech Republic have been helping the refugees abroad since early September.

We are in touch with coordinator of refugee camp in Dimitrovgrad, Serbia where we plan to go.

How can we help refugees in three steps?
1.A collection of material aid
2.A financial support
3.An organization of volunteer group willing to help in the camp

Ad 1. We are collecting WARM SOCKS, WINTER CLOTHES (GLOVES, SCARFS..), WINTER SHOES (size 39-44) as temperatures are dropping below zero, BLANKETS.
You can bring them to the Czech Centre (Strada Ion Ghica 11, București, between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm), or you can contact us in advance, if you can’t make it in this time interval.

Ad 2. Any money we’d receive will be used for buying stuff at the place (things for kitchen – tea, food), sleeping bags, warm things etc. or it can be used for covering the expanses for the trip. We’re waiting for local NGO to help us by providing their official bank account. This will be announced soon hopefully.

Ad 3. We are planning to help in the refugee camp in Dimitrovgrad, Serbia. It’s 420 km from Bucharest on the Bulgaria-Serbia border. According to the amount of collected aid we can stop by in Dragoman (20km from the refugee camp) where we can store the stuff.

We will go there by van provided by Czech Centre and we have a seat for anybody who is willing to join us. We might go back to Bucharest by bus from Sofia, the costs will be covered from the money collection. The length of our stay is up to everyone since we hope to have money to pay back your ticket.

PLEASE NOTE: The date of leaving is set on 11th December. Due to a very complicated situation the informations or whole plan can change. We’ll update the information.
Sometimes there are thousands sometimes ‘only’ dozens of people coming to Dimitrovgrad everyday. There are only a few volunteers to help and they switch shifts. We’ll be mainly cooking, making tea, distributing warm clothes, helping to make everything a bit more human.

If you are interested, please, contact us on fb Martina Smutná Aglaja, email or phone: 0747893500

Facebook event here.

Martina Smutná is an artist in residence at the Czech Centre in Bucharest. She studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and participated in several intership programmes, for example in Berlin or Israel. For more information go to her website: