QUIET ODD #8 _ Beside the Bright Future

In connection to Tatiana Fiodorova’s exhibition When a book becomes a message, part of the Future Museum program launched by the Czech Centre in Bucharest, ODD invites cultural critic Vasile Ernu to propose a screening revealing to the public, aspects of the Soviet underground in the 80s and 90s.

The 80s is home to the last generation of young communists, who no longer wish to build the “bright future”, and instead break it apart through various means. The underground is a central element of this generation boycotting the regime through insubordination and constructing various survival techniques: from work to music, from visual arts and literature, to sports and black economy. Ernu will paint the picture of this generation, telling its stories and playing films, videos and music.

The event kicks off with a commented selection of shorter tapes, videos and other documents, followed by a longer discussion with Ernu and Fiodorova. The evening ends with a feature film, which we will reveal in due course. Stay tuned!

QUIET ODD is a joint venture between ODD and the Czech Centre in Bucharest.
Facebook event here.

Image: Tatiana Fiodorova

Future Museum - Soviet passport, 2014 (inside)


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