la rencontre de Bucharest / 10-13 noiembrie


Asociatia “Les Rencontres” este o platforma de dezbatere si activitati concrete ce reuneste conducatori, experti in politici culturale si administratori ai colectivitatilor teritoriale din Europa care doresc sa participe activ la dezvoltarea politicilor culturale. Din 1994, reteaua a sustinut multe proiecte si a permis schimburi culturale si educationale la nivel local, national si european.

Ca urmare a multor solicitari si a muncii de cooperare pe care asociatia “Les Rencontres” o intretine de numerosi ani cu orasul Bucuresti, membru al retelei noastre, toamna lui 2008 aduce o intalnire in capitala Rômaniei cu scopul realizarii unei sinteze a politicilor culturale locale si regionale. Dorita organizatorilor este de a da cuvantul actorilor culturali ai colectivitatilor teritoriale din Romania, Bulgaria si altor tari europene membre din 2004, pentru a discerne mai bine ambitiile culturale avute pentru orasele, departamentele, tara lor in sanul unei dinamici comune europene. Experientele locale si marturiile vor fi indispensabile pentru evaluarea datelor si dificultatilor intalnite. Evenimente culturale si schimburile cu scena artistica locala contemporana vor permite, in egala masura, o evaluare cat mai exacta a importantei dinamicii culturale din Romania si o cuprindere mai buna a mizelor. La aceasta intalnire va lua parte si un invitat din Republica Ceha.


“Les Rencontres” is a European platform of debates and concrete activities that unites leaders, cultural politics experts
and administrators of territorial collectivities that wish to participate actively in the development of cultural politics.
From 1994 the network has sustained many projects while facilitating cultural and educational exchanges at local, national
and European levels.

More than a year after “la rencontre de Sibiu”, during witch an assessment of the role of the local and regional authorities in the contruction of European cultural policies since the entry of ten countries in 2004 and Romania and Bulgaria in 2007 was made, we will meet this year in Bucharest from the 10th to the 13th of November.
Following the solicitations and the fruitful cooperation between les rencontre and the city of Bucharest, witch is a member of our network since many years, we will indeed dedicate a meeting to a second assessment of the role of the local and regional cultural policies in Romania – after 22 months of EU membership – and of course in the other New Member States who joined the European Union in 2004 and 2007.

It will be an opportunity, after local elections in June 2008, for the elected leadres, the professionals and leadres in charge of culture to exchange views about their own experience. In this way, it will be a simple descriptive assessment: we would like to give the cultural actors of local and regional authorities of Romania, Bulgaria and other European Countries who joined in 2004, the posibility to express themselves in order to understand and underline the cultural ambitions of their city, region, county and country in the framework of the common European dynamic. Local experiences and testimonials will be essential for the assessment of the data and difficulties that have been experienced.

By organizing a meeting in Romania, together with the members of our network, we wish to insert our work in a continuity, witch is an essential condition of cooperation for les rencontres. We hope that many of you will come and (re)discover the city of Bucharest, and develop emerging co-operation projects with Romania and the eleven other New Membe States