Viata e frumoasa… din 14 noiembrie in Bucuresti

Din 14 noiembrie debuteaza la Bucuresti festivalul international de artele spectacolului muzical Viata e frumoasa, organizat de Teatrul National de Opereta “Ion Dacian”

Orfeu in Infern / 23 noiembrie / 19h00 / Sala TNO 

Un proiect ambitios ce reuneste pe parcursul a 14 zile spectacole cu artisti din Rusia, Ungaria, SUA, Slovacia, Germania, Elvetia, Brazilia, Japonia, Italia, Ucraina, Cehia, Polonia.

pentru programul complet al festivalului intrati aici


Orpheus in the Underworld / November 23rd / 19h00 / TNO hall

Brno City Theatre
Author: Javques Offenbach
Directed by: Gustav Skala
Libretto: Hector Gremieux

Hardly any work can boast of being such an eternal evergreen as Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld. The operetta comes back to the repertory of music theatres with iron regularity like a cosmic comet. Undoubtedly, Offenbach himself did not intend to write a chapter in the music history. His goal was mainly to entertain. He was the director of operetta theatre and renowned European author of many operettas and vaudevills in that time. Orpheus in the Underworld is rather a music revue. But the famous cancan was heard there for the first time. The dance which conquered the world, created an original dancing style and influenced the taste of music audiences for almost the whole century. If this famous operetta is coming back to the Brno stage, we will try to present it as Offenbach had it in mind. To amuse with its music loveliness and respond to the present. This was the idea of the music composer as well as the librettists. They jointly made a fun of deadly serious things so that the Parisian audiences enjoyed themselves and, actually, have been enjoying themselves up to the present days. Anyway, Orpheus seldom leaves the stage in his mother country. Brno pays its debt to Offenbach like this and, simultaneously, it offers a rich banquet from the lain table full of evergreen melodies, good singing and amusing dancing to lovers of the lighter muse.


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