THEY CAME TO PLAY / 19 ianuarie / 20h00 / Centrul Ceh

un eveniment Centrul Ceh sustinut de Pilsner Urquell 


România, 2008, 88 min
Regie: Alex Rotaru
VO engleză

Periodic avem sansa de a vedea si de a va propune documentare despre diferite fenomene muzicale. Aceste filme, reusesc de fiecare data sa umple sala Centrului Ceh atat de spectatori cat si de energie pozitiva. Sunt sigura ca cel putin unii dintre voi ati vazut The Miracle of Candeal, Participation, Septiembres si Gypsy Caravan.

De data asta il invitam pe Alex Rotaru sa-si prezinte ultimul sau film. They Came to Play spune povestea concurentilor din cadrul concursului international pentru pianisti amatori organizat de Fundatia Van Cliburn. O data la patru ani, dupa o selectie riguroasa aceasta competitie aduna la Fort Worth, Texas, pentru o saptamana, iubitori de muzica din toata lumea.
Viata se pune intre noi si visele noastre. Uneori suntem destul de norocosi sa ne regasim.
Adulti auto-didacti de peste 35 de ani, medici, profesori sau sportivi de performanta, cu povesti de viata cat se poate de diferite cu totii reusesc sa-si traiasca visul chiar daca doar pentru un scurt moment – visul de a sustine un recital pianistic intr-o sala faimoasa in intreaga lume.


Life comes between us and our dreams. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to be reunited.

They Came to Play is an uplifting documentary chronicling the passion, pressure and potential surrounding the International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs hosted by the Van Cliburn Foundation, a prestigious event that reunites seventy-five of the world’s best amateur pianists with their dreams, if only for a brief time.

This film provides an intimate look into the lives of these colorful, multi-faceted competitors as they strive to balance the demands of work and family with their love of music. Years of dedicated preparation culminate in critical performances before a professional jury and disceming audience during three nerve-wracking elimination rounds.
Having made their careers outside of music in fields raging from real estate to medicine, professional tennis to education, the competition represents the fulfillment of long-deferred dreams. For competitors who have faced such extraordinary challenges as drug addiction, AIDS or political asylum, the competition is also a triumph over adversary. For all, it represents an overwhelming desire to express a deeper side of themselves, musically and otherwise.
Commentary from noted American pianist Van Clibum and gold medallists from the Foundation’s professional competition, along outstanding performances of great classical masterworks – from Beethoven to Alkan and from Rachmaninoff to Barber – complement the action in the film that celebrates the creator and the competition in each of us.


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