Filme scurte de David MOŽNÝ

Filme scurte de David Možny / Short films by David MOZNY [CZ]

Flat Space
October 18, 2016, 7 pm
Chisinau, Bucuresti str. 68/1

Les Heures, 3′
The video is based on the illustrations in the magazine “Do it yourself/ Urob si sam”, which was the social phenomena in the 70’s in former eastern countries: 250 000 prints per issue. People were sharing their ideas how to make all imaginable things on their own at home. In the video it is paired with the contemporary electro music from the French Band “HNN”. Easy hours for all the merry bricoleurs!

Rahova, 7’ 30’’
This video is based on records taken in Rahova housing estate in Bucharest, Romania. It was chosen as the place at the end of utopia. The video recycles and deconstructs the familiar scenery turning it into the distraction. The pre-cast 70s architecture – fighting with its own decay – is facing the digital disintegration. Camera slowly flows through the blocks of houses, the place is empty, just the surface of the concrete housing machine. Through the digitalasing the place, which so deeply roots in its own heavyweight rational reality, it turns into the fragile dreamy construction.

Sleepless, 8’ 20’’

Virtual soul waste, 2’ 40’’
is a short visual narrative, taking us on a trip through the world of ordinary urban environments. I t is made out of digitalized offset prints taken from books on 70’s socialist architecture and housekeeping. Crumbling scenes of buildings and empty rooms evoke the intimate atmosphere balancing between snugness and cataclysm.

free ”entrance”

David MOZNY is visual artist living and working in Brno [CZ], since 2000 he works with computers and produce images and video installations. He is a part time teacher at the New Media Department of the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University. He also performs in local clubs.

This program is part of Chisinau Civic Center – open air cinema program:, and is supported by the European Cultural Foundation in the frame of the Connected Action for the Commons project.


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