FOCUS: ECOLOGY / 30 aprilie / 18h30 / Centrul Ceh

un program Centrul Ceh si Asociatia Kogayon, in colaborare cu Ziua Verde by Roddia


Multe din obiecte pe care le folosim in mod curent contin piese electrice. Orice aparat electric poate reprezenta un pericol pentru mediu daca nu este “aruncat” asa cum trebuie. Administrarea deseurilor electrice devine din ce in ce mai complicata, deoarece durata de viata a obiectelor scade si deci cantitatea deseurilor creste.
Acum, cele mai multe produse electrice si electronice sunt aruncate pur si simplu. Milioane de tone de materiale ce ar putea fi recuperate si reutilizate in productia unor noi echipamente sunt astfel pierdute.
Ziua Verde este un program de informare, constientizare si implicare in privinta reciclarii DEEE (deseuri de echipamente electrice si electronice) inclusiv becuri, neoane si tuburi fluorescente si sustine consumul responsabil de energie. Afla de la organizatori mai multe detalii despre campania lor si cum te poti implica si tu.

Andrei Orban, presedinte Envirom
Dragos Nacuta, Ministerul Mediului


Many everyday consumer items contain electrical parts. Any appliance that runs on electricity has the potential to cause damage to the environment if it is not disposed of in a responsible way. Dealing with the waste this sector produces is becoming increasingly difficult because the lifespan of electronic goods is becoming shorter and the amount of broken or obsolete equipment that is being thrown away is increasing.
At the moment, many electrical and electronic products are being disposed of in landfill sites and millions of tones of materials that could be recovered and reused for new products are being lost.
Green Day represents a social awareness campaign concerning the collection and recycling of Disposable Electronic and Electrical Equipment, including light bulbs, neons and fluorescent lamps, and supports responsible energy consumption. Come to learn more about their project and how can you help by disposing of old electrical and electronic equipment in the proper way.