Total denial / 25 mai / 20h00 / Centrul Ceh

un eveniment Centrul Ceh sustinut de Pilsner Urquell

Bulgaria, 2007, 78 min.
Scenariu si regie: Milena Kaneva
Productie: MK Production
VO / Subtitrari in engleza

Total Denial este povestea unui proces istoric: 15 sate din jungla birmaneza au dat in judecata pentru incalcarea dreptrurilor omului si abuzuri, o corporatie petroliera. Procesul s-a judecat 10 ani in tribunalul american si s-a terminat cu victoria imposibila.
Milena Kaneva a urmarit indeaproape, timp de 5 ani, abuzurile impotriva localnicilor: armata birmaneza, angajata de compania petroliera, ardea satele, viola femeile, tortura si omora barbatii, sclavagea pe toti cei scapati. Sute de mii de barbati, femei si copii ce se ascund in jungla este imaginea unui genocid silentios.
Aceasta este si povestea lui Ka Hsaw Wa, unul dintre liderii studentilor in miscarea pentru democratie din 1988. A trait ascunzandu-se in jungla pentru 7 ani. In 1995, cu ajutorul lui Katie Redford, co-fondatoarei organizatiei Earth Rights International, si mai apoi sotia sa, a reusit sa aduca in instanta americana acest proces ce poate servi ca precedent.

Pentru mai multe detalii despre situatia din Birmania, nu ratati interviul cu Ashin Sopaka, calugar budist, disident birmanez, invitatul One World Romania 2009 la Bucuresti



Total Denial is the story of a historical lawsuit: 15 villagers from the jungle of Burma suing a leading oil corporation for human rights abuses in an American Court. After 10 years of fierce legal battles, the impossible victory. For five years Milena Kaneva has been following the abuses over the local population: the Burmese army, hired by the oil companies, forces the local population into slave labour, burned villages, raped women, tortured and killed porters. Hundred’s of thousands of men, women and children hiding in the jungle are the picture of a silent genocide. This is also the story of Ka Hsaw Wa, one of the leaders of the student’s movement for democracy in Burma in 1988.
He has been hiding in the jungle for more than 7 years. In 1995 with the co-founder of Earth Rights International Katie Redford, later his wife, he brought this precedent setting lawsuit to an American court.

Milena Kaneva, born in Rousse, Bulgary, studied acting at the Sofia Theater and Film Academy. She moved to Italy in 1987, where began to work as a journalist and producer with news agencies. She has shot reports worldide. Her exclusive interview with Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Prize laureate kept under house arrest by the military dictatorship, connected her to Burma forever. In 2000 produced her first long documentary The Initiation about the female genital mutilation in Mali, won the first prize at the Festival dei Due Mondi. Total Denial has been awarded with the special prize for Human Rights Vaclav Havel at the One World Festival in Prague in 2006


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