Frida Sandström: Collect the Crash Writing Workshop

Frida Sandström: Collect the Crash writing workshop & Paletten Journal issue #307/308, 2017 release

This is a proposal to interrupt
the score
the score
the constant(ive) performance

// We 28 June 2017 / 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. / ODD

Collecting the crash, we will focus on the event-score as a documentation, and elaborate on its possibility to turn from constantive to performative, and what consequences such a practice would have. Do we create a canon? To discuss this, we have to acknowledge what the event score actually is. It could be an instruction for how a certain type of work should be brought forth, or a set of possibilities, to be put into practice – poetry. Could we, through a materialist approach to the speaking and writing practice, actualize our own, political presence within the format of a gathering?

This is a workshop focusing on subject’s productions within written and verbal exchange, which will be linked to the role of “fiction” and “documentary” within socio-biographical practices. Placing ourselves in the space between the performative and the constantive, we will use inversion and repetition as a way to reconstitute a collective writing of the event, the meeting and the the organisation. Proposals are outlined, the rest is for the group to decide. In the end, we will work on a written material which can be regarded as a mirror – or the reconstitution – of the event. The workshop will be exploring notions such as direction, inclusion and timeliness within writing and speaking as social practice, organisation and political activity.

>>> Participating in the workshop is on a first come – first served basis, without prior confirmation necessary, but within a limited capacity. Be on time to avoid disappointment <<<

The workshop will be followed by a presentation and release of the latest issue of Paletten Art Journal which is published in conjunction with “University of Disaster” project, the national participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the current edition of Venice Biennale.

As an artist and a writer, Frida Sandström’s practice takes place in the intersection of the curatorial and the pedagogical, with performance as its core. Thus, she works with the choreography of the conversation, of the meeting voices and of the questions of how to corrupt the paradigms of contemporary communication. Collect the Crash is one of her ongoing practices.

Frida is one of the editors of Paletten Art Journal and a frequent writer in Swedish cultural journals and magazines. She is currently undertaking a two-year artistic research and development project on the notion of the event funded by the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, together with artist Cara Tolmie and curator Aleksei Borisionok. She is also curating the art program of Norbergfestival 2017 and for the Romanian Cultural Institute in Stockholm. She is the producer of Sound of Stockholm 2017 and studies a masters program in aesthetics at Södertörn University.

Frida Sandstrom is currently curator in residence in the frame of ARC Bucharest program

ARC Bucharest is a research residency program designed for curators working and living outside Romania to explore the effervescent art scene in Bucharest. ARC Bucharest’s 2017 program is co-financed by The Administration of The National Cultural Fund (AFCN)* and supported by UniCredit Bank Romania.

Partners: Centrul Ceh (Czech Centre Bucharest), ODD, Salonul de proiecte
Organized by Asociatia Culturala Solitude Project

*The project does not necessarily represent the view of The Administration of The National Cultural Fund. ANCF is not responsible for the content of the project or the means through which the project results might be used. This falls entirely in the grant beneficiary’s responsibility.


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