Viktor Vejvoda @ Mobile Biennale 2017

Czech Centre Bucharest supports Viktor Vejvoda’s participation  at Mobile Biennale 2017 which will take place between 30 July – 5 August and consists of an itinerant coach trip in Moldavia (Romania and the Republic of Moldavia).

This edition, as conceived by its organisers, aims at analysing those aspects that render art a space of experience, communication and knowledge. There will be 35 participants in the 2017 edition – not only artists, curators, journalists in the field of visual arts, but also personalities coming from other related fields like philosophy and poetry. The participants display different types of temperaments, energies and interests that make up and negotiate, through their various artistic stands, different aspects of contemporary art. This type of artistic microclimate is activated when rendered coherent and symbolically invested by the conventional framework of an Art Biennial.

Viktor Vejvoda was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and graduated in 2015. Viktor took part in several residencies such as ZK/U (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik), Elia Amsterda residency, Egon Schiele Český Krumlov and lately residency at Wuri Art Musuem, Incheon, Korea. His main research interest is in the aspect of the society and its issues. The recent publications are: True is; Where Trash is., set of 32 postcards, Berlin, 2017; TT Menu For Openhouse, Trojan Tactics studio, Berlin, 2016; Trash Fruits, Trojan Tactics studio, Amsterdam, 2016; LOS, with Markéta Mráckova and Bára Šimonová, 2015; Kiosk, 2013; Mastné stánky, 2012; PPP, Poetická politická pohádka , 2012; Drevo, 2011; East:West, 1:0, 2009.


Where: Moldavia (Romania and the Republic of Moldavia)

When: 30 July – 5 August


Bătălii, Regi și Elefanți
20:00 Today, Bucharest
Concert – Fara Zahar
21:00 Tmrw, Bucharest
Blackbird de David Harrower
19:30 Sun, Bucharest
Un Pic De Love
20:00 04.05.→06.05., Chisinau
Design Vestimentar Aplicat
12:00 05.05., Bucharest
Cum să fim creativi?
19:03 08.05., Bucharest
19:30 03.06.→16.12., Bucharest
Cultural Management Academy 2018
09:00 02.07.→06.07., Bucharest
Green Hours JAZZ Fest – X
18:35 31.05.→03.06., Bucharest