Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport / 6 iulie / 20h00 / Centrul Ceh

un eveniment Centrul Ceh sustinut de Pilsner Urquell 


UK-SUA, 2000, 122 min
Scenariu si regie: Mark Jonathan Harris
VO engleza, germana / Subitrari in engleza
Premiul Oscar pentru cel mai bun documentar (2001)

Un documentar prezentat in parteneriat cu Centrul de Informare ONU pentru Romania 

Pe 9 noiembrie 1938, Hitler si-a inceput razboiul impotriva evreilor cu Kristallnacht, in care trupele Naziste si multimea antrenata au atacat sinagogile, magazinele evreilor si case, in special din cartierele evreiesti. Desi Hilter nu si-a expus planul de genocid impotriva evreilor din Germania, si-a exprimat foarte clar dorinta de a avea o Germanie fara evrei. Putine tari erau pregatite sa accepte un numar asa de mare de evrei nemti care din cauza fricii incercau sa se expatrieze. Totusi Marea Britanie a fost de acord sa primeasca copii intre 5 si 17 ani, insa fara parinti.
Intre decembrie 1938 si august 1939, 10.000 de copii evrei si-au gasit refugiul in Marea Britanie. Cei mai multi au fost adoptati de familii britanice, multi dintre baietii mai mari au luptat alaturi de trupele britanice in razboiul impotriva nazistilor, dar cei mai multi nu si-au mai vazut niciodata parintii naturali.
Documentarul priveste inapoi spre transportul copiilor, incercand sa arate cum li s-a schimbat viata odata ajunsi in Marea Britanie.

On November 9, 1938, Adolph Hitler’s ugly war against the Jews began in earnest with the “Kristallnacht,” in which Nazi troops joined with angry mobs to attack synagogues, Jewish-owned businesses, and residents of predominantly Jewish neighborhoods. While Hitler did not initially make clear his plans for a genocide of Germany’s Jews, he openly stated his desire that Germany be free of Jews. Few nations were willing to accept the large numbers of German Jews who now wished to expatriate in fear of their lives. However, Great Britain agreed to permit Jewish children between the ages of 5 and 17 to come to the U.K. — without their parents.
Between December of 1938 and August of 1939, some 10,000 German children gained refuge in the U.K. Most were adopted by British families, and many of the older boys served in the British Army, fighting against the Nazis, but the majority were never to see their birth parents again. Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport is a documentary that looks at the “Kindertransport,” which ferried the children to Great Britain, and what became of the children once they arrived in England. Judi Dench narrates.
Mark Deming, All Movie Guide