European Pexeso in Banat / 29 septembrie – 2 octombrie / Sf. Elena, Garnic, Eibenthal

Tarile Uniunii Europene prezentate copiilor mici. 27 de filme despre cate o tara urmate de un film dedicat ideii de uniune. O serie de filme de animatie de cate 3 min, compuse si regizate de Maria Prochazkova si animate de copii.
Filmele realizaze si prezentate pe perioada Presedintiei Repulicii Cehe in cadrul Consiliului Uniunii Europeene (1.01–30.06.2009) de catre Televiziunea Nationala Ceha vor fi proiectate in toamna aceasta in 3 scoli din satele cehesti din Banat.



The series of short (3 minutes) animation films are designed mainly for small children and presents the individual countries of the European Union. Scripts are written and directed by Maria Prochazkova and animated by children from different schools. Each part is devoted to one country, and the last one to the idea of a united Europe. Kids can learn the basic facts about each state and also see something characteristic and typical. On these examples, children from 3 Czech schools (Sv. Helena, Gernik and Eibental) in Banat region also get to know more about Europe and the European Union.

European Pexeso was produced and screened in the time of the Czech Presidency to the European Union (1.1.-30.6.2009) by the Czech Television.


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