Journey from the Czech Courses to Prague

Almost everyone who wants to relocate and find a job in the Czech Republic asks us about the Czech language: is it necessary to learn it, or not? Our answer is no! But some basic knowledge, such as “Ahoj!”, “Jedno Pivo” or “Na shledanou” always helps. Companies in the Czech Republic look for people who speak English or English and another language. Here’s the story of Mihai Trandafir, who went through the Czech Centre’s basic language courses and, from Romania, found a job in Prague within just two months.

Mihai Trandafir

“On December 12th I was putting my resume and application online, on, and by the end of the day my phone wouldn’t stop ringing” said Mihai.

His initial interviews went nowhere due to various reasons, among which were his salary expectations, which were higher than the Czech market’s salary range for the software development role he was seeking. Once Mihai learnt more about the Czech job market, things started moving on.

“One recruitment company contacted me and asked if I’m interested in their client. I confirmed it and then they passed me on to their HR department where they scheduled the initial online interview” Mihai further explained.

On one particular Wednesday, he passed the technical skills test, which was the final part of the online interview, and on Friday the company was already reaching out to him, asking if he’s willing to fly over to Prague for a final discussion. So, with just some basic Czech skills, Mihai flew to Prague for the first time and met his future colleagues with whom he’ll start working in April.

“Even my less than basic čeština helped smooth things out during the interviews, as a dobrý den is more welcome than a hello. On a more advanced note, I was finally able to ask for jedno malý pivo on my last day, complete with a prosim” concluded Mihai about his short stay in Prague.

Photo by Mihai Trandafir, taken during his job trip to Prague

Now, Mihai and Lulu – his girlfriend and former volunteer of the Czech Centre – are going to move to Prague together with their 4 cats and right now they are in the middle of moving their home to the adoptive country. Both of them have taken our Czech Courses, studying with Alena Klimesova at the beginners’ class. Although even before starting the courses they were planning to move to Prague,  going through the process of learning some basic Czech and getting more aquainted to the culture, proved them that Czechia is the best country for them to follow their dreams.

You can still apply for our courses until the 9th of March. You can find out more about our courses here.