Filminute @ Centrul Ceh / 8 octombrie / 20h00

Festivalul international de scurt-metraje de 1 minut, Filminute, revine la Centrul Ceh cu o selectie a filmelor inscrise in competitia din 2009. Centrul Ceh a fost primul loc in care a fost prezentat Filminute acum 3 ani, si ne face mare placere sa aducem din nou filme ce demonstreaza ca se poate transmite foarte mult in doar 60 de secunde.


In plus, anul acesta va asteptam cu o surpriza. Premiul Publicului Centrului Ceh pentru cel mai bun film romanesc prezent in competitie. Hai la vot!


Filminute, the international one-minute film festival, is pleased to screen the 2009 collection at the Czech Centre.
The collection will feature another strong selection of one-minute films from all over the world, proof that the 60-second genre continues to grow and attract filmmakers globally. And we’re happy to say that once again, Romanian films have featured prominently at the festival.
The Czech Centre was the first location in Romania to screen Filminute and has continued to do so every year since. Thanks to the great and animated crowds that the screenings brings, we are excited this year to feature the first Czech Centre Awards for a Romanian minute/movie in Filminute 2009 as voted by you! So come ready to cast your vote and speak your mind. Special guests included.


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