Ever considered learning Czech? – Part 1: IT

By Martin Jakubek

The unemployment rate in the Czech Republic is the lowest in the European Union, currently just 3.1 % and the number of job vacancies is more than 310,000. The economy is growing steadily and the work market is ready to accept more workers from abroad. Now is the right time to start studying Czech!

IT is one of the fastest growing sectors and the IT professionals are one of the most wanted on the market. The wages keep growing and there are various benefits that come with the job to attract potential applicants.

The importance of cyber security, artificial intelligence or Internet of Things, all this contributes to the growing necessity of skilled specialists. In Czechia there are many international companies such as IBM, Google or others. Did you know that Avast, one of the well-known antivirus companies, is actually Czech and has its headquarters in Prague?

Even though the main language of IT is English, knowing (at least some) Czech will give you a huge advantage when applying for a job in Czechia. What’s more, you can enjoy a glass of cold pilsner beer with your colleagues way better if you order it in Czech. Last but not least, it will give you to access to some of the world-class culture such as writers Kundera or Sajfrt, or directors Forman or Menzel. So why not start now?