Ever considered learning Czech? – PART 2: Transport

By Martin Jakubek

The economy crisis from 2008 is long gone and the Czech economy has fully recovered – the wages keep growing every year and the unemployment rate has fallen down till 3 %. Now there are more job vacancies than people without work, so companies are basically fighting over potential employees. Seems like the right to start learning Czech, right?

Do you like being on the road? Trams, buses, trolleybuses, trucks – no matter what you prefer, there are thousands of jobs available for drivers in Czechia. And it is not just public transport, also private companies are looking for new drivers.

Even if you haven’t worked as a driver before, there´s no need to worry. The good thing is that you don’t need a type C or D driver´s license to be eligible for the job; most of the companies pay for your courses and training.

Working as a driver requires some contact with the passengers, therefore (at least) basic Czech is a requirement. Of course, alcohol and driving don’t mix, but there’s nothing wrong with a nice glass of Czech pilsner after work. And you can enjoy that even more if you manage to order in Czech. And last but not least, if you ever want to spend a nice evening watching a Czech movie in the original version, you get to enjoy works of directors such as Forman or Menzel. So why wait? Languages courses at the Czech center are about to start!

More info about the courses here.