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In 2006 Televiziunea Ceha a difuzat ciclul de documentare realizat de Helena Trestikova, intitulat Marriage Stories, 20 Years Later (Povesti despre casatorie, dupa 20 de ani).
Urmarindu-si protagonistii de-a lungul timpului, regizoarea traseaza in doua perioade diferite povestea vietii a 6 cupluri casatorite. Aceasta poveste incepe cu casatoria lor in 1980, se intrerupe in 1986 si continua dupa 1999 pana in prezent. Rezultatul este o serie de documentare in 6 filme a cate 2 parti fiecare.


Manzelske Etudy , Rep. Ceha, 2006, 92 min.
Regie: Helena Trestikova
VO ceha / subtitrari  in engleza

Inginerii Zuzana (23) si Vladimir (21) au vrut sa-si dovedeasca ca se vor descurca. Au vrut sa-si construiasca o casa. Vladimir a vrut sa studieze fotografia la FAMU, Zuzana a vrut un copil. Amandoi au reusit, Zuzana chiar de trei ori. Dupa revolutie inca un vis li s-a îndeplinit. Vladimir a plecat sa lucreze in domeniul sau in Statele Unite pentru 6 ani. Experienta din New York i-a influentat considerabil viata si casnicia, mai mult decat si-ar fi  inchipuit  vreodata.


An episode from a cycle of documentary films tracing 25 years in the lives of six married couples. Normalization-era socialism, and then early capitalism as seen through the lives of several Czech families. They married in 1980, and until 1986 their lives were documented on film using time-lapse, resulting in a cycle of six 30-minute films about the six young couples and the six years of their marriages. In 1999, the filmmakers visited them again, and resumed shooting until 2005. The result is another six hour-long films continuing the original cycle.

Construction engineers Zuzana (23) and Vladimir (21) wanted  prove themselves  that “they would succeed” . They wanted to build their own house, Vladimir wanted to study photography at F AMU, Zuzana wanted a child.
Both of them succeeded, Zuzana three times even. After the revolution  one more dream came true – Vladimir left to work in photography to the United States for six years. The experience from New York influenced his life and marriage more than he could have ever imagined.

Helena Trestikova
born in 1949, is one of Europe’s most acclaimed documentary filmmakers. She studied direction at FAMU (1974) and, ever since her college film Viva Acqua (1972), has been developing her real-time documentaries, shot over several years. Her films examine interpersonal relationships within a broader social context. In 1990 she co-founded the Film & Sociology Foundation and, in 1994, the Man and Time Foundation.
Select filmography: A Touch of Light (1979), If Something Needs Our Help – It’s Freedom (1990), Sweet Century (1998 – Best Documentary at the Karlovy Vary IFF), Women at the Turn of the Millennium (Trapped) (2001 – Special Mention at the KVIFF). Her film René (2008), part of the long-term cycle Tell Me Something about Yourself (begun in 1989), brought her international recognition (European Film Award 2008 for Best Documentary). Marriage Stories (1987–2006) is another of her projects which spans several years.


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