Legacies of 1989. Czech-Romanian perspectives

Czech Centre Bucharest and The Research Institute of the University of Bucharest invite you to a colloquium organized on the occasion of the 30 years anniversary since the Velvet Revolution and the fall of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. The event is happening on 31 October 2019, from 3 PM. 

The colloquium will discuss the revolutionary year 1989 and its legacies in a comparative perspective. Between the situation in Czechoslovakia and Romania were quite a few differences in terms of social, economic and political context, but at least the relatively late timing connects them: these countries were the last ones where the Communist regimes fell, so one obvious question could be: Why so late?

The situation in both countries will be presented by two speakers: Robin Ujfaluši will sum up what were the essential moments of the Czechoslovak – or as Czechs call it “Velvet” – Revolution, how the situation was culminating during 1989, what brought the regime down and how the revolutionary change happened.

Robin Ujfaluši

Vítězslav Sommer will interpret the revolutionary year from a wider perspective, making the difference between the “popular protest” and the “politics of elites”. He will also make a few connections between the revolution 1989, transformation period of 90s and the current state of the Czech democracy.

Vítězslav Sommer

After discussing the Czechoslovak context, the focus will be brought on Romania. What were the main causes of the change in 1989? And how did the development and results of the revolutionary change influence the Romanian politics and society in a wider sense? This will be interpreted by prof. Dragoș Petrescu (the author of a comparative analysis of 1989 Entangled Revolutions) and Dr. Marian Zulean, the director of the Research Institute of the University of Bucharest.

Dragoș Petrescu

The colloquium will be divided into 2 parts, discussing the Czechoslovak and Romanian context. The speakers will present their main theses, while the audience will have the chance to make comments and ask questions. The official part of event is expected to finish shortly after 17:00 and leave some space for informal discussions over some refreshments, until 18:00.

Marian Zulean


The event will take place in the council room of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work (Schitu Măgureanu 9, Bucharest). Free entrance. The discussion will be in English.

Event organised by The Research Institute of the University of Bucharest and Centrul Ceh (Czech Centre Bucharest).