On Czech language

How do Czechs (and Romanians) perceive Czech Language? On December 3rd 2019, the Czech linguist Ondřej Dufek is coming to Romania to discuss how Czech language is being seen by Czech people, while Sorin Paliga will briefly explain how Romains relate to this particular Slavic language. 

What do Czechs think of (Czech) language? What values and qualities do they assign to it? How do they speak about it? What should be done with it according to them? Simply: what is the relation of Czechs towards (Czech) language? These questions shall be addressed by the lecture on beliefs about Czech language. It is grounded in two sets of data: on one hand, there are debates on language bills in the Czech Parliament from the establishment of the Czech Republic to present days and their media reflection. On the other hand, there are phone calls to the language counselling centre of the Czech Language Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The lecture thus arrives at an image of Czech language as it can be seen in the statements made by politicians, journalists and ordinary language users.

Ondřej Dufek is a Czech linguist and he is going to give the main lecture of the event. He works in the Czech Language Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, baing part of the language counselling centre and acting as the editorial assistant of the journal Naše řeč. The main areas of his scientific interest are sociolinguistics and discourse analysis. Recently, he has been focusing on the study of language conceptualization.

For the Romanian side, Sorin Paliga will briefly discuss Czech language from the perspective of Romanians. Sorin Paliga is a teacher at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures of the University of Bucharest, being also a writer and linguist, focused on Slavic languages and mainly on Czech language.

The discussion will be in English.

Free entrance.

Facebook event here.