Sâmbăta Sonoră | Art’s Birthday 2020 with Dan Michiu, solo show

Czech Centre starts 2020 with a concert! On January 17, at 20:30, Dan Michiu will do a solo performance which will be broadcasted live with the occasion of Art’s Birthday, its 1.000.057th anniversary, to be more exact. ”Art’s Birthday is an celebration produced as one day radio festival by team of Euroradio Ars Acustica group. Birthday gifts – concerts and performances – will be broadcasted on Euroradio satellites network as part of global celebration dedicated artist Robert Filliou, who claimed in 1973 that Art celebrate 1.000.000 birthday.” (https://arsacustica.wordpress.com/). 

A musical/sonic performance for guitar and analog mechanisms presented by Romanian musician Dan Michiu, in full frame for Art’s Birthday 2020. Composed as a soundscape of modern uncertainty, the piece works as a succession of endless parts of a droning mantra. The direction is a mix of architectural rigor, punk ethos and bits of absurdist humor, all engulfed within post-free-improv freshness.

Concert organized by Sâmbăta Sonoră and SEMI SILENT (www.semisilent.ro) in partnership with Radio România Cultural and Bucharest Czech Center.

Dan Michiu is a guitarist oriented towards diverse aspects of alternative music. His activities are related to experimental and pop music, graphic arts, sound, film, and performance. He released recordings on Romanian & European labels, and created the platform Beach Buddies Records. He collaborates with Abator Industries, PFA Orchestra, Michiu & Fierbințeanu, Fake Bantame. At the moment, he is active in the band Jah Cuzzi. He lives and works in Bucharest.

The performance is broadcasted live at https://arsacustica.wordpress.com from 21.00 (19.00 GMT) on the HAYDN channel.
Broadcast made by Radio România Cultural.
Doors close at 20.45.
Dan Michiu, solo performance
Free entrance

Radio România Cultural is a member of Ars Acustica group affiliated to the European Broadcasting Union, and participates to Art’s Birthday for the 9th consecutive year!

Facebook event here.