OKTO | Design & Visual Effects

OKTO was founded by visual effects artist, Ureche Octavian, at the beginning of 2010. OKTO can be anything it needs to be: studio, hub or a single artist.
Functioning as a remote based design and visual effects entity, OKTO is here to provide a cost effective alternative to the already established arena. Its primary goal is to deliver high quality creative services for its clients. Due to its remote based nature, OKTO operates on a freelance basis, work being done regardless of location, data being distributed using secure ftp connections to clients and partners.


OKTO offers creative work in design, print, advertising and feature film, providing a wide range of services from interior design, illustration, conceptual design, motion graphics, modeling, texturing, tracking, matchmoving, animation, fx, rendering, compositing, grading, editing and sound, all the way to off-set/on-set visual effects supervision.


Tmrw at 12:00, S U E D I A – Bookfest 2017 → Sun. 28/05, Bucharest
Thu. 25/05, Artist talk: Roman Tolici → Thu. 25/05, Bucharest
Thu. 25/05, Experiment Nocturn – Hub.A at Casa Arhitecturii → Fri. 26/05, Bucharest
Thu. 25/05, Pelicam Warm-up la J'ai Bistrot → Thu. 25/05, Bucharest
Fri. 26/05, Talking to Strangers → Fri. 26/05, Bucharest
Fri. 26/05, Sound Fabric → Fri. 26/05, Bucharest
Sat. 27/05, Blecher Fest 2017 → Sun. 28/05, Roman
Sat. 27/05, The Future of Memory/Cluj, vernissage May 27 → Sat. 27/05, Cluj-Napoca
Sun. 28/05, SubPământ. Valea Jiului după 1989 → Sun. 28/05, Bucharest
Sun. 04/06, Planeta Petrila: avanpremieră la Petrila! → Sun. 04/06, Petrila
Mon. 03/07, Open Call | Cultural Management Academy → Fri. 07/07, Bucharest

You can still see

Wed. 10/05, Muzeul [in]vizibil #2 – nr de inventar 111Tmrw at 09:00, Bucharest
Thu. 11/05, Expoziția „Noul romantism negru” → Thu. 25/05, Bucuresti
Thu. 18/05, Ovidiu Anton. Home is where my problems are → Wed. 31/05, Bucharest
Sat. 20/05, NeoGalateca participa la Romanian Design Week 2017 → Sat. 27/05, Bucharest