Exhibition: Alexandru Lazăr – Six easy pieces

Yesterday → Wed. 05/07

Apollo111 Barul, Strada Actor Ion Brezoianu nr. 23 - 25, Bucharest, Romania

Opening: 22 June / 7PM

It seems apt to call Alexandru Lazar’s “Six Easy Pieces” a “personal project”, because that’s exactly how these images feel: they somehow have the aura of works created in stolen moments during the daily grind, carefully etched-out during after-hours at the office. Darkly comic and suffused with a wry wit, they seem to speak to us in equal measure about the futility – and the bemusing wonder – of the mundane, the banal, the quotidian. Under Lazar’s gaze, relationships become exercises in self-deception; employment equals a bathetic act of self-harm; daily tasks are transformed into Sisyphusian struggles. However, this bleakness is tempered with much-needed humour, which crouches among the clean lines, restrained palette, and minimalist geometry that makes Lazar’s work so immediately recognizable.

Tom Willson


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Yesterday, Exhibition: Alexandru Lazăr – Six easy pieces → Wed. 05/07, Bucharest
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