Cluster CUCA ◉ 2017

Sat. 19/08 → Sun. 20/08

Cârțișoara, Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania

Cluster CUCA ◉ 2017
This year, in preparation for the 2018 edition of CUCA festival and a tangible future for the project itself, Centrul Cultural Cârțișoara becomes the venue of a working meeting between four partner organisations: Fundația DALA, backed by D Proiect and AsoP [RO], L'Union REMPART [FR], Palombar – Associação de Conservação da Natureza e Património Rural [PT], and Dragodid [HR].
Free admission to presentations, workshops, and concerts. Grab your tent, camping is also free.

19.08.2017 ◉ 20.00H ◉ Midmost Stage

Sașa-Liviu Stoianovici [psych folk/ RO]
In Sașa-Liviu Stoianovici’s music, the rattling of the modified electronic toys and the self-sufficient mixer loops are lost in the shadow of oral lore, Phanariot Anatolian, and Yugoslavian songs. Electric Turkish saz + effects + sounds from the Balkans – this is the new recipe for CUCA.
And Then This [free improv/ RO]
And Then This consists of Sian Brie (guitar, clarinet), Diana Miron (violin, vocals), Daniel Stanciu (no input mixer) and Laurenţiu Coţac (doublebas), musicians with different backgrounds which glide together in intense free moments. Sponaneous composition for the four musicians results in a unique sonic experience, from drone and soundscape to free jazz, noise, classic contemporary, sounding harsh, dry or consonant.
Bastos [emo/ RO]
Bastos is a punk band from Bucharest wih members from Brașov, Bacău, Constanța and Craiova. They play mathy screamo emo and so far have two releases, a 7" split wih Pandrea and a full album called Second Favourite Person. Bastos skips rehearsals to watch Dawson's Creek.
Sillyconductor + Rek Abu [søul rœck/ RO]
Not-so-straight-not-so-orthodox translocal rhythms with a splash of easy listening bop.

The Cluster CUCA ◉ 2017 event is funded with the support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN)


Mon. 23/10, Original Copy / DM → Mon. 23/10, Bucharest
Tue. 24/10, Istoria filmului european în GIF-uri → Thu. 26/10, Bucharest
Thu. 26/10, Made in CZ / Found in RO → Fri. 03/11, Bucharest
Thu. 26/10, Arhiva Cineclubului Stud-Film → Thu. 26/10, Bucharest
Thu. 26/10, Festival de Film Rus 2017 → Sun. 29/10, Bucharest
Thu. 26/10, Psycho (r. Iris Spiridon) / 26 oct → Thu. 26/10, Bucharest
Mon. 30/10, Slam Poetry → Mon. 30/10, Bucharest
Wed. 01/11, UrbanEye Film Festival 2017 → Sun. 05/11, Bucharest
Thu. 09/11, Róbert Köteles Solo Show → Sun. 14/01, Bucharest
Thu. 16/11, Chrysta Bell live in Control → Thu. 16/11, Bucharest
Fri. 17/11, ArchiTECHture Conference&Expo 17 noiembrie → Fri. 17/11, Cluj-Napoca
Sat. 25/11, Black Lips live in Control → Sat. 25/11, Bucharest

You can still attend

Fri. 04/08, Cinema în aer liber la OCC → Sun. 29/10, Bucharest
Thu. 21/09, Expoziţie "Hacia el mar" / "Spre mare", de Clara Durán → Sat. 28/10, Bucharest
Mon. 25/09, LdaVi Call for VR Worldbuilding Lab → Tue. 05/12, Bucharest
Sat. 30/09, Dorian – spectacol de dans contemporan → Mon. 23/10, Bucharest
Fri. 06/10, Petanqfuck → Fri. 17/11, Cluj-Napoca
Mon. 16/10, AFF 2017Tmrw at 23:00, Sibiu
Mon. 16/10, The Power of Storytelling: The FestivalTmrw at 23:59, Bucharest
Wed. 18/10, Dracula Film Festival, ediția a V-aTmrw at 23:00, Brasov