Sat. 19/08 → Sat. 19/08

Manasia Hub, Stelea Spătarul, nr.13, Bucharest, Romania

At ARTWAVES, we connect the community with art. A simple concept with boundless opportunity. Art for everyone and in multiple forms. Music, painting, sculpting, dancing. Working and emerging artists.

Stop by. Attend a workshop. Become a member.

We're celebrating and supporting our local art scene with the first eddition of ARTWAVES manifest. Artists from various fields will challenge your creativitity exposing their latest work and producing live works allowing you to immerse yourself in their creations.


Ana Toma
Lucian Sandu Milea


Robert Obert – live painting
Gabriel Popa – live working – contemporary jewllerry
Radu Dumitru – live working
Octavian Graure – live painting


Anneliese Justine
Octavian Graure


Buy, sell and trade vinyl records!

If you like vinyl records there is no better place to be. We'll enjoy listening vinyls in collaboration with the second edition of KRAFTWORKXX MARKET and it's already well known vinyl fair.

Just as one can compose colors or forms, so one can compose motions. For music is an edifice in motion, all the parts of which have to be sensed simultaneously, it is a spiritual drive of the soul. Our friends from GRAMOFON RECORDS will show how energy is created within and released in movement.

The audio scene will be completed by some of our beloved local artists:

Alin Cretu
Tavi Micu – NC

Public exhibition
Saturday August 19
Manasia Hub
Stelea Spataru 13
Bucharest Ro

Opening hours: 2 pm – 10 pm

Admission to the event is free, subject to availability.


Alina – 0723890773 – visual
Liviu – 0745686806 – vinylfair/audio
Cretu – 0722857949 – audio


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