Design Thinking Forum

10:00 Thu. 21/09

Impact Hub Bucharest, Strada Halelor, nr 5, etajele 2 si 3, Bucharest, Romania

First RO conference entirely dedicated to Design Thinking. Join us in order to witness and experience the way innovation upgrades business to state of the art in the new, heavily digitized, experience economy.
An event for and with business leaders and professionals, sharing experiences on how Design Thinking transformed their management and company culture, ignited innovation, solved complex problems or created new offerings!

– Emergence of Design Thinking as a new management philosophy
– Reality inspired stories: case study focus
– When everything starts with your customer in mind
– Innovating a new future for your business with Design Thinking
– Transitioning from B2B to Human2Human in the services industry
– Creating for the experience economy
– Connecting research with reality through Design Thinking
– Developing human centric technologies
– Useful tools and practical methodology for complex business cases.

Eliane Tozman, Head of Design@IBM Canada Innovation
Aga Szostek, Co-Founder@UXplus Poland
Paul Bulencea, Co-Founder@The College of Extraordinary Experiences
Mike Parsons, Chief Innovation Officer@Qualitance Australia
Magda Ropotan, Innovation Coach@Design Thinking Society RO
Oskar Dekkers, CEO@Bruil Beton&Mix Netherlands
Violeta Nenita, Store Manager@IKEA RO

Ticket pre-sale 149 EUR till August 15th!
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