Sound Poetry performance by Yury Zavadsky (Ukraine)

19:00 Fri. 17/11

Green Hours jazz-café, Calea Victoriei 120, Bucharest, Romania

Yury Zavadsky, well-known for his sound poetry works and the only sound poet in Ukraine, who widely perform and arrange a numerous co-workshops with poets, musicians and noiser artists, will show the abilities of his articulation machine. Zavadsky's poems are in the stream of so called traditional sound poetry with a big accent on the articulated sound as a main expression unit. Artist mixes his own texts with classic texts sometimes.

Yury Zavadsky is an author of ten poetry books, three of which are of sound poetry scores. He's a publisher and promotor of foreign poetry in Ukraine. Works as a noise-artist at Subprodukt noise band. Translates contemporary actual poetry from Polish.


You can still attend

until 16.12., Bucharest