Pisi Love remember back to basics Logan Riley & CO

22:00 Sat. /→Sun. 25/02

9 years ago
we were young and restless

9 years ago
we were the electro disco generation

9 years ago
we were the original hipsters

NOW … we’re all grown ups
and weirdly enough …
we’re missing it all

so … we got Logan a plane ticket

and we’re reuniting the gang for a small party
and …
as we’re some kind of classics …
the old-school Pisi Love after party 😀

+ Logan | Riley | special guest <3
back to basics, people! <3
+ dannilov & Saboar [Colectiva Gazette]

Manasia Hub
the party | the bar & garden
the after party | in the former police station
20 Reni
Stelea Spataru 13


You can still attend