Queerama at One World Romania

21:30 Fri. /→Sat. 24/03

One World Romania, Austrului 30, Bucharest, Romania

“Once a girl is lesbian can anything be done to change it?” solicitously asks a television journalist in a black-and-white sequence from England’s last century. A compilation film made up of archival footage organized in a moving rhythmic montage, Queerama is kaleidoscopic, inciting, scandalous, nostalgic, and ultimately hopeful. On the anniversary of 50 years since the decriminalization of relations between men in England and Wales, Daisy Asquith sets off to search for the signs of the past sprinkled discreetly, at times in code and at times with frankness, through filmed archives from the past 100 years. The result is an emotional portrait of gay identity in British culture, with all the horrors and delights it holds—and a trip through the visual culture of the past decades.


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