Four questions for Jaro Varga

Interview by Frantisek Zachoval. Jaro, you made a curatorial trip to Bucharest in April 2016 and gave a lecture at Unagaleria. What was the output of your visit? The lecture at Unagaleria was focused on the expanded role of artist, inspired by my own situation as both an artist and a curator in parallel. My...


Today at 10:00, Asia Fest 2017 → Sun. 26/11, Bucharest
Today at 20:00, Lansare Arte și Meserii #15Tmrw at 05:00, Bucharest
Tmrw at 12:00, Târgul de carte “Gaudeamus”, Bucharest
Tmrw at 21:00, Black Lips live in ControlTmrw at 23:00, Bucharest
Thu. 01/03, Kraftwerk 3-D live concert in Bucuresti → Thu. 01/03, Bucharest

You can still attend

Mon. 25/09, LdaVi Call for VR Worldbuilding Lab → Tue. 05/12, Bucharest
Thu. 09/11, Róbert Köteles Solo Show → Sun. 14/01, Bucharest
Thu. 09/11, Drink the Pink → Sun. 10/12, Bucharest
Tue. 14/11, Polish Poster School in Bucharest – exhibitionTmrw at 16:00, -
Fri. 17/11, Showcase | Școala feministă de vară → Sun. 26/11, -
Fri. 17/11, CinePOLSKA 2017 – filme poloneze la București → Sun. 26/11, Bucharest